MegaTV: Sony's TV Service

It seems a new service was announced by Sony called MegaTV. Rough translation and images at the link.

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vaan3966d ago

Can someone else explain to me what this actually is? Some kind of Tivo or DVR cable hookup technology?

Greysturm3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Its going to be offered in the united states even though it seems to be in korean? I know probably the translation.

Well by appearannces it seems Bladestar was wrong since it doesnt look rushed at all rather it seems like a well built service guess we will have to wait for the full demonstration to know if it runs as smoothly as it looks.

At above

Iptv tv over the internet xbox fans could explain better.

XxZxX3966d ago

don't you know, anything from sony according to Bladestar.

BulletToothtony3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

the idea sounds good if i understand it right.. i would for sure cancel my cable and watch tv thru my ps3..

that would be nice.. plus you can record too.. i think we're a few years from having the good channels and a good service but the idea alone it's very appealing..

fopums3966d ago

yeah when a translation hits I'll decide wether or not I like this idea


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The story is too old to be commented.