Slam Bolt Scrappers Review [Game Revolution]

"The developers themselves have called Slam Bolt Scrappers a mix of Tetris, tower defense, and Super Smash Bros. Those cover the bases for gamers whose experience spans the '80s, '90s and 2000s. It might sound like a core gamer's wet dream, but Slam Bolt Scappers isn't without issues." - Daniel Bischoff - Game Revolution

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insertcoin2396d ago

One of the most interesting blends of genres I've seen in a game yet: Tetris, tower defense, and melee combat. A very strong indie title.

BigWoopMagazine2396d ago

I enjoyed the demo - I kinda wish it had some online competition though.

Lifewish2396d ago

looks very cool but i doubt i will pick it up

dbjj120882396d ago

Look out for a sale soon, probably on ps+

samurailincoln2396d ago

I love this game. Truly unique and original. Hope to see some DLC.

stormeagle62396d ago

Those are three of my favorite ingredients!

Koolaye2395d ago

Nice! I got to check this out.