IGN: Dynasty Warriors 7 Review

Predictably, Dynasty Warriors 7 relies on the tired conventions that have made the series infamous in the gaming realm. And while there's no doubt that Dynasty Warriors is loved by a number of gamers -- the series sells exceptionally well in its native Japan -- it won't interest most...

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BiggCMan2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Ehh, fuck IGN. I expected this because it is Dynasty Warriors, and they have always hated the series. They don't even have the games proper box art on there page for it, wtf? 7 is by far the most feature packed iteration. Lots of changes from past games, yet they still have the balls to say its the same exact thing. Even it was, they give games with equally as many titles as DW, higher scores. Madden, Call of Duty etc.. IGN constantly hate on Japanese games, it really shows. Look at what he says about the core gameplay. He says it was never solid when it started in DW2, so why do they keep throwing it back to us? Umm, if it wasn't solid, it wouldn't be so popular, and Koei's most successful franchise ever. Bunch of idiots I swear.

Dart892610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Completely agree with u i just got back from playing it at my friends and by far one of the best in the series.

Can't wait to get my copy tomorrow so i can hack and slash 24/7.

Besides ign sucks at reviewing games.

And how the hell does cod keep getting 9 from this crappy site?

@Below maybe you should play it before opening you're mouth.

jadenkorri2610d ago

i have played every single dynasty warriors except strikeforce and the gundam ones, but i love this series. Shu is my favorite kingdom and Ma Chao rulz. I'm just waiting for amazon to deliver to my home address.

BiggCMan2610d ago

Man, i'm really happy to see all these fans of the series. Only a few months ago I really thought I was alone, but since 7 has gotten closer to release, I started seeing more and more people show their love for it. Hell yea! I can't wait to get my hands on this man, i'll be getting it for a nice 40 bucks as well as soon as Gamefly feels like sending it to me.

Dragun6192610d ago

This review sucks. I don't get why they got a person who hates playing Dynasty Warriors games. I mean, all he does is Complain and give it a low score. This does nothing for Fans who enjoy the DW series.

Can IGN get a person who at least understands that people do enjoy these games and at least explain to in details what people who like the DW series to expect or how well it executes in what the DW Series are known for? How about Sam Bishop? At least that IGN guy give the last DW, DW:Strikeforce, an 8.

Reibooi2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I have always liked the Dynasty Warriors series. It's just one of those games that's always fun to play and the games always seem to have something new and fun to do each time.

The way I see it Dynasty Warriors is like the Japanese Madden with the exception that Madden doesn't really do much new with each game and Dynasty Warriors tends to change alot more then people give them credit for.

I remember back when I was writing reviews on the web I got alot of flack from the N4G community for giving Dynasty Warriors Empires 6 a 8/10 which I thought it deserved every bit.

I guess another way you can compare it to Madden is that the people who don't love the series will talk trash all day just like those who hate Madden(which I'm guilty off)

And lol at the series never being Solid. Back when the series started people were floored by how much content the series had and the amount of enemies the game had on screen at once.

LostDjinn2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Fair enough.

I don't mind DW but 6 wasn't great. The fact they did away with combos and relied solely on that stupid renbu system turned the game into a straight button masher. I couldn't stand it.

If 7 has the combo system reintroduced I'm sold. If not, NO SALE!

@ Johny & Bigg: SOLD!!!!!!111!

JohnnyMann4202610d ago

It has the old combo based system, like DW4 (I think)

Plus every officer can use any weapon they want and wield two into battle and swap them as part of your combos.

Plus you level them up and unlock seals like the old games.

You also get +1 Attack (for example) when defeating officers.

Anyways, this game is jam packed with unlocks and skills and weapon seals..etc

BiggCMan2610d ago

@LostDjinn. It does, thankfully! I too hated the Renbu system. 7 brings back the classic charge system of the previous games where you press triangle after pressing square a different amount of times.

femshep2610d ago

I agree, guess they don't like there Chinese history.....but I love the game definitely the best one

miyamoto2610d ago

With the recent "BUY AMERICAN" campaign, Japanese games like these don't stand a chance with American reviewers.
I don't exactly know if this is a conspiracy but one thing for sure its dirty politics. Therefore Japan will continue to hate American products and these so called journalist will keep up their Sony hate.
Its really devastating when politics invade the world of video gaming.
This generation doesn't hold a candle with the 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and 128-bit era.

JohnnyMann4202610d ago

Yeah! what BiggCMan says! This game is completely awesome especially when compared to 6.

5/10 is horsecrap. And if users look around, IGN's review is especially off compared to others reviews.

Another failed IGN review.

Next time, perhaps a reviewer that actually like Dynasty Warriors should review it.

Koei got my well deserved money for DW7 and I don't regret it one bit.

I don't (in my mind) play 5/10 games. I give this game an 8 if you like non stop hack n slash with goals/strategy.

Andreas-Sword2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

yes. agreed! Fuck IGN!!!
Dynasty Warriors is one of the best hack and slash series!
And Dynasty Warriors 7 will be the best Dynasty Warriors game ever!

Here are three current "Dynasty Warriors 7" reviews: gives 80% gives 80% gives 4/5 (80%)

Destructoid Review:
PS3clan Review:
TheGamersHub Review:

JohnnyMann4202610d ago

Thanks for these reviews. BiggC should put those in his top post so people that like DW can real honest reviews with details and not just whiny banter.

Thanks again..Bubbles!

FF7numbaone2610d ago

I"ll get it when I start working again. Right now Dynasty warriors gundam 2 is doing a decent job for me and my cousin, got it for $20 new. DW6 was so horrible.

MostJadedGamer2610d ago

I will wait for Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires. Dynasty Warriors without Empire Mode is worthless.

silkrevolver2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

They gave MGS4 a 10/10... that’s a Japanese game...

I don’t understand why everyone always attacks IGN for being “IGNorant” and for being biased, when they tend to be in line with most reviews. And even if sometimes their scores are lower, it’s just the reviewers opinion. If you want to buy DW7, go for it. IGN clearly isn’t swaying your opinion anyway.
/sorry, end rant

WAWI2609d ago

Read Destructoid's Jim review - its fair and honest.

Fuck IGN

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Brian52472610d ago

Another month, another mediocre Dynasty Warriors.

BiggCMan2610d ago

Don't even go there. I highly doubt you have played every single game to know what they are like. You probably played one game that happened to be one of the lesser ones, and never touched it again. I assure you Dynasty Warriors is far from mediocre. I'm sure you see the low scores it gets from AMERICAN SITES, and assume that the entire series is garbage. Look at the reviews in Japan, and especially the sales, and you will see that the series is extremely popular.

JohnnyMann4202610d ago

Looks like the agree/disagree votes proves Simba up there wrong anyways.

AhmadCentral2609d ago

Dynasty Warriors 6 came out in 2007. Last time i checked that was 4 years ago. Not a few months ago.

7 games have been released over a span of 14 years. On average 1 game every two years. Unlike COD that has 7 games in 8 years...

MattS2610d ago

Haha, IGN just never learns. Terrible review and factually incorrect.

v1c1ous2610d ago

people complain about DW series being the same crap with updated stats...

as they go and buy their 40th version of Madden...

Stealth20k2610d ago

because its american.

ign are pretty much bias mother fuckers now

JohnnyMann4202610d ago

Biased but also stupid as hell.

They seem to pick people who dont even care for the genres they are reviewing.

Any fan of this type of game would give this game an easy 8/10 or more.

I goto IGN for some articles but I stopped listening to their reviews a LONG time ago.

5/10 is basically a broken game.

IGN needs new reviewers that reflect public opinion.

jadenkorri2610d ago

i know right NHL/madden/nascar/NBA/NFL what 2000-20XX, sorry its gonna keep going.

Aquateenkid2610d ago

Man I love dynasty warriors and I know its technically not very good, but I still love it! This one is definitely better than DW6

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