Six overhyped 2011 games that probably won't deliver

PC World writes: "2011 is promising some pretty impressive gaming titles, but will they be everything they're vaunted to be? We've picked out six titles we think will disappoint gamers this year.

We're not saying they won't be good -- but we don't think they'll be as good as they're being hyped up to be, whether it's by marketers or by rabid fanboy gamers."

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Jio2578d ago

Disagree with all of them (except maybe Driver: I want a return to the old Driver)

Christopher2578d ago

Vehemently disagree with 4 out of the 6. Not a very good list, IMHO.

a_squirrel2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I don't know about the star wars one...
Make a Battlefront 3 already! >:|

BakedGoods2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

This is becoming the norm of N4G--doom and gloom headlines.

"This game failed"
"That game will flop"
"Why this game will/does suck"

It's like the people who have games to play are busy playin' them, while those who don't complain about 'em. Protip: Buy a PS3. That will solve all your gaming dilemmas.

thugbob2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I agree will the list expect LA Noire.

Portal 2 will be like GT5. Over hyped, but still one of the best games of it's genre this gen.

Diablo won't flop, but will not deliver up to the hype.

Duke Nukem won't deliver.

Star Wars will flop.

Driver... Is this even hyped? If it is it won't deliver.

LA Noire will deliver. Rockstar, nuff said.

This is just my opinion anyway.

ExplosionSauce2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

I know what to expect. So far it looks as great as the first game, but with more features and harder. Can't wait!

Ok wow! It's a PC fanboy article claiming that consoles will dumb Portal 2 down. Haven't heard that before...

It amazes me how this person is not aware that the first Portal game ALREADY WAS on consoles and it was the EXACT SAME game it was on PC.
It can only get better from there.

Also, Rockstar has nothing to do with the Mafia games made by 2K.
Give Rockstar a chance to see what they can do.

Ducky2578d ago

Surprised that it didn't mention DeusEx. That game has some shoes to fill.

malamdra2578d ago

I really have a bad feeling about Portal 2, I hope I'm mistaken, but those two comic relief robots from the picture above are all kinds of wrong

TheLastGuardian2578d ago

The only game on the list I care about is LA Noire. I think it will live up to the hype.

morganfell2578d ago

Portal has been over-hyped? Really? Really? I do not believe the writer understands the meaning of the word hype nor the actions it entails.

Seferoth752578d ago

LMAO.. Yeah buy a PS3 the console with the poorest software sales and the biggest amount of raging fanboys that do exactly what you are talking about, trash games. Yeah good call, that is exactly what we need. More raging fanboys not buying exclusives and crying nonstop..... I guess your answer to end world hunger would be to destroy all the food too?

inveni02578d ago

First of all, a game's hype is relative to the people talking about it. For instance, the only people I've seen talking about most of these games are people online. And even then, only in certain circles.

So the definition of "hype" is flawed. When I game punctures through to all circles (when pretty much everyone you talk to wants it and wants it bad), then you can say it has a lot of hype. For most of these games, however, the hype train hasn't even left the station.

Finally, few games ever deliver to the hype, and those games are triple-A award winners. Not every game can be an award winner.

That being said, I'm anxious for Portal 2 and inFamous 2 <-- My most wanted games of the near future. I don't think Portal 2 won't live up to the hype. It's a puzzle game. The first had little story, and it was still awesome. Just the concept is awesome. So I think it's good to go.

MysticStrummer2577d ago

Seferoth, you need to purchase a mirror, and take a long look at yourself. OT - This list is not very good. I agree with FatOldMan. Deus Ex has something to prove.

Buttons2577d ago

"Ever since the game's announcement, we've been bombarded with LA Noire marketing material"

Um, what? The game was announced in like what, 2004? And there was literally nothing on it until maybe a year ago? Uhh...

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Cheeseknight282578d ago

I see absolutely no way Valve will disappoint with Portal 2. Since Portal was never a full game, Portal 2 has the potential to turn what was once an amazing concept into a true fully-fledged game. Also, co-op.

L.A. Noire will only fail if it pulls a Heavy Rain and has plot holes, plot holes everywhere.

Old Republic *looks* in the physical since, like garbage. Even Cataclysm looks better. And if Louse was right, it's going to be weak.

Diablo III shouldn't have problems. It's Blizzard. They don't make bad games.

Driver and DNF I'm indifferent of. DNF might fail because the game's mechanics are stuck in the past. But that might go in it's favor.

Lich1202578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Their logic with Diablo 3 was that it has too big of shoes to fill when the exact same things could and were, said about starcraft 2, which was and is still a fantastic game. I hadn't played many RTS games since the original and yet Blizz drew me right back into the scene. If anything, the weight on SC2 was bigger than Diablo 3 since theres a massive competitive league surrounding it.

Finger-Eater2578d ago

Lol at their reason for L.A Noire failling.

"After the intense disappointment that was Mafia 2, we're no longer confident any new guns-'n'-gangsters game can stand up to our fond memories of the original Mafia"

What a fucking idiot. You are a detective that solves crimes that take place in the height of the mafia years. You aren't part of it, you don't go around shooting people when you want like mafia 2 and gta, and its more investigation then gunplay. It's like saying I was disappointed in Black ops so now I wont buy any FPS games set in Vietnam... ummm WTF?

Lich1202578d ago

Actually in a way Finger, their claim is more ridiculous than your vietnam simile.

metsgaming2578d ago

i thought this was going to be one big troll article but its not so bad. I kind of agree but in the end there will be alot of people that will like the game regardless if it does deliver what we think they would.

showtimefolks2578d ago

and i know i will be pleased with each

resistance 3
ratchet all 4 one
uncharted 3
twisted metal
mass effect 3
saints row 3
infamous 2
and few others

Fire17922577d ago

Uncharted 3 is all I'll give ya. Not dissing the other games. It's just I'm not really into them, I'm sure they're great but Uncharted 3 is the one I'll agree with you 100%.

And I want to get BF3 and see some more stuff on Dead Island before I decide.

DigitalPiracy2577d ago

You're not a Sony fanboy......

BlmThug2578d ago

@Jio I Agree, Out Of All 6 Driver Isn't Hyped & Isn't Like The Original Driver Gamers,

P.S Driver 1 & 2 Rocked

DeadlyFire2578d ago

Portal 2 is on this list? wha? Obviously this novice doesn't know what Valve equates to in gaming terms.

Duke Nukem Forever? Honestly. Whyyy? Just because its taken forever to get here. That is the whole point of the game existence. They will either deliver or be buried by the gaming community for destroying Duke.

The Old Republic. I kinda agree with. Its looking alot like a typical MMO. Well it is a MMO. So what else is it gonna look like?

Ubisoft hopes to reboot the series with Driver SF. That is the whole point of the game to shake those bad dropping game reviews of last two titles.

LA Noire is well LA Norie. Its not meant to be a Mafia game. That is not the point. You are a detective in the 50's. Mafia linage goes to 2K games anyway.

thehitman2578d ago

idk I agree about diablo 3 being overhyped. Even though it is blizzard and they usually seem to get it right SC2 felt like a huge disappointment like it was rushed out the box even though it took them 10 years to deliver it. Not to mention the same team who worked on D2 isnt on D3 and certain directions about the game havent made me happy. I think this game success if there will be a success will be solely because of the name aka halo syndrome. A lot of the other games he chose I can see as possibilities of being over hyped also.

ASSASSYN 36o2578d ago

You must not know what probably means.

Solid_Snake-2578d ago

well said jio. by the looks of driver and how they cheaped out of a free roaming game into a "wheel man" ripp off.

the rest will deliver.

[email protected] portal 2 not gonna live up to the hype. it is by far the best mod ever. and most original game in gaming history. no other game does that kinda stuff.

f7897902577d ago

I agreed with them all, EXCEPT PORTAL 2!!! OMG!!! *foams at mouth*

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tdogchristy902578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Personally I feel that diablo 3, portal 2, and LA Noire can live up to the hype.

I can't really speak for the others, but knowing the devs like blizzard, valve, and rockstar, I think they'll do fine.

swtor would do fine because bioware is up there in terms of good developers....but since it's an mmo, mmos always always seem to have trouble.

RedDead2578d ago

Don't forget, the one's who are actually developing the Old Republic are only new to Bioware. It i stheir first game. The bioware team who made Mass Effect, Baldurs gate and Kotor are differant

Seferoth752578d ago

LOL first year... Yeah like you can make an MMO in a year....

Seriously you really think they are spending 50 million or more on a huge franchise MMO like Star wars, doing it all in a year and putting people with no experience on the game at all?
Really? I got some cheap ocean front property in Arizona I'd like to sell you

DanSolo2578d ago


I would love to take a look at that Ocean front property that you are selling in Arizona, I don't need to view it as I am sure it is great. However would you mind throwing in earthquake insurance?

I will have the money just as soon as the pyramid scheme I have recently joined pays up!

Baka-akaB2578d ago


I know it's hardly the same , but it's not their first online rodeo .

Their neverwinter nights 1 game even managed to have a persistant online world component

kyl2772578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

This is sounding stupid

"Now that it's being tailored for consoles as well as PCs, and it's getting the mass-market treatment, we think Portal 2 is going to be dumbed down and cutesier than the original"

Portal 1 was on 3 platforms and Portal 2 is on... 3 platforms. Obviously a good gaming site.

And how is Driver: SF overhyped? I hadn't heard of it until now and noone is talking about it.

TheBlackSmoke2578d ago

"Now that it's being tailored for consoles as well as PCs, and it's getting the mass-market treatment, we think Portal 2 is going to be dumbed down and cutesier than the original"

..Cant argue with that logic /s

mephman2578d ago

They're saying that the original was designed specifically for the PC. It was later ported to consoles, yes, but it wasn't designed for that market.

HenryFord2578d ago

How is Portal 2 any different? Just go ahead and aks Newell: Portal is still aimed at the PC-Market - Valve is veeeeery loyal to the PC-Platform. The probability that Portal 2 will flop is around 0,00* % - seeing the past of Valve (L4D2 was a great game, totally lived up to the hype, Half-Life 2 (Episode 1 + 2 as well), Team Fortress 2...)

cochise3132578d ago

I think all of them will deliver the goods except for Duke Nukem and Driver. L.A. Noire will likely be the best imo.

Kon2578d ago

Agree with most of them except L.A Noire and Portal 2. All other games are extremely overhyped. Let's take duke nukem for example: Ugly graphics and boring mechanics, but everyone is hyping the game to hell just because it's duke nukem.

BiggCMan2578d ago

Well it is Duke Nukem :D Come on, no one is expecting (at least not that I know of) one of the greatest games ever made. Its just a pure fun, crazy, action packed, next gen Duke game, and thats what the fans have wanted.

Merivigian2578d ago

I agree, the LA Noire thing is bogus.. I believe it will legitimately bring something new and exciting to the table.

femshep2578d ago

my only problem with it is it has poor detective work in it every trailer ive seen there touching evidence without gloves which contaminates the evidence there for making it worthless to the case

DanSolo2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

@ femshep

Were you being sarcastic?

As back then they didn't have forensics and I highly doubt that wearing gloves was required. Just look at police work in the 1970's and how it has changed since then.... and LA Noire is set just after the war, in the 1940's.

I admit though, I am a bit "worried" that the crime solving part might be a bit weak. I am hoping that it feels like actually trying to solve the crime using your brain, as opposed to a sequence of gameplay types that if you do it right solves the crime.
When I played Heavy Rain I enjoyed the game alot and I'm glad I played it.... but the crime solving side of it was very poor.... as an interactive movie the game excelled... but it was not like you could actually solve the crime... you just kind of went through the motions until the end! I am hoping that LA Noire is not like that!

I think it will deliver though!

WitWolfy2578d ago

LA:N is gonna be GOTY mark my words!!!

theonlylolking2578d ago

Ugly graphics and boring mechanics, but everyone is hyping the game to hell just because it's duke nukem.

I bet you like half life when it is the same thing.

Killzone3___2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

i agree :)

here a bubble , iit seems that you need one :D

i really don't like the bubble system..

dumahim2578d ago

Driver is extremely overhyped? I haven't even seen or heard anything about it this year. I had completely forgotten about it.

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