Mega Drive Classics Coming To A PSN Near You

The six vintage Mega Drive games heading to PlayStation Network over the next couple of months will feature online leaderboards and trophies, SEGA has revealed.

SEGA's Mike Kebby stopped by the PlayStation Blog to announce that Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe 2, Altered Beast and Comix Zone would all be online enabled.

On top of leaderboards and trophies, Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, Altered Beast and Comix Zone will also feature online co-op play.

Kebby then divulged the full trophy list for classic platformer Sonic the Hedgehog, which hits PlayStation Network today.

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darthv722756d ago

these are being recompiled into almost everything. Isnt there already a genesis (mega drive elsewhere) collection for the PS3?

Give me some different games like Ranger X or MUSHA or Herzog Zwei. The obscure but fun ones that dont get their time in the retro light because of the popular ones that are available (virtually) everywhere.

Or better yet about upgraded remakes of some of your old school arcade titles. You already redid outrun and afterburner. Now turn your talents on to thunder blade, galaxy force, DAYTONA for crying out loud. Full online play in the classic sega arcade style for that game alone is a MUST.

Sorry to rant. You just get tired of seeing the same titles re-re-released. It is getting as bad as the 2600 collection or intelivision ones that keep regurgitating each gen.

MrKingofVideoGames2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Right on. Sega has been milking these titles since... forever. And we NEVER get Streets of Rage 3?!?!?! and seriously how many ways can we play Sonic the Hedgehog 1 on PS3 right now?

darthv722756d ago

for a real next gen streets of rage sequel. I'd like to see them make a new eternal champions as well.

Louis_Guzman2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Ranger X, Musha and Herzog Zwei? Brother, you have exquisite taste in games. Throw in Contra Hardcorps as well. Give that man a bubble.

darthv722756d ago

we all know the mega drive had an extensive library for just about everyone. There has already been a remake of toejam and earl (on orig xbox) but how about a new gunstar heroes or a new altered beast with all new beasts to morph into.

And where is a new forgotten worlds capcom?

Relientk772756d ago

I have all those games on my Genesis.

Good games though

Comix Zone especially it really really needs a sequel soooo bad

DaReapa2756d ago

I have the Sonic Genesis Collection as well. And you are right about Comix Zone. Sega needs to do a sequel or HD remake along the likes of what Capcom did for the remake of Bionic Commando (Rearmed of course, not the 3D remake).

Inception2756d ago

Even though i already had this games on my genesis (and PC emulator), i don't mind to buy it again so i can play Shinobi 3, Contra Hardcorps, Golden Axe, or Sonic on my lovely PSP :)

Pintheshadows2756d ago

As some have alluded to above, please will someone remake Streets of Rage. Please.