Editorial: Why Halo 3 Needs a Custom Games Browser

Why doesn't Halo 3 feature a custom games server list – Halo PC-style? Perhaps it's because of matchmaking. If such a feature was available to Halo 3 players, the number of people using matchmaking would decrease. But wouldn't that be because gamers would be able to do what they want? And, if so, doesn't that mean they're only playing matchmaking because that's their only option if they want to get their Halo 3 on? Isn't that a bad thing?

Maybe people would continue playing matchmaking – perhaps advancedmn is wrong in their assertion. Maybe it's the custom games browser that nobody would use. They doubt it, but it could happen. Anything can happen.

Halo PC had this feature four years ago, and it worked just fine. StarCraft, a ten-year-old RTS on PC, has the feature. And so does every WarCraft game ever made. Numerous first-generation Xbox Live games – on the original Xbox – allowed you to do it, too. Rainbow Six 3. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Crimson Skies. Mechassault. Project Gotham Racing 2. Do they need to continue? Why doesn't Halo 3?

" I didn't quit playing Halo 2 because it was mechanically flawed (it was). I quit playing Halo 2 because I didn't have a choice."

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Mike Ox Big4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

They need to do something quick or they are going to start losing about a third (or more) of the H3 players to HL2:OB, Mass Effect, COD4 and all the other games just over the horizon.
Not that everyone's going to suddenly sell their copies but Halo 3 Matchmaking needs a lot of people playing to match people evenly and quickly.

DrRage774085d ago

agree, they really need to add in a custom game sucks when it becomes a challenge to play with your friends once all of you have different skill levels and want to play with other people also...custom game searches are something that is STANDARD on all online games....come on bungie, man up and give us custom game searches!!!!

ion6664085d ago

i always end up playing with 9 yr olds,talking censored sucks.i have the mouth of drunken sailor.playing silly matchs like slapfest 2007 and gravity pod tank surfing r fun for a whole 3 seconds,i lust for blood.o well back to gears