Team Fortress 2: Meet the Demoman

New trailer for Team Fortress 2 featuring the Demoman.

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Shankle3756d ago

Hmm.... I absolutely loved the others but this is a bit mad. My least favorite so far.
Although I loved the line "So, t'all you fine dandies, so proud, so c0ck-sure, prancing about with yer heads full of eyeballs, come and get me!"

Fezthebest3756d ago

the sound, i personally hate and the video jsut doenst go well with the demoman i think.
Heavy all the way

MK_Red3756d ago

God, these videos are insanely awesome. The tech guy is by far my fave.

Shankle3756d ago

Nope, nope, heavy all the way.

"Oh no! Who touched Sasha?!"

FrostyMelon3756d ago

Can't wait for tomorrow. Going to be a great game.

Adamalicious3756d ago

These videos are great. Other developers should take note.

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