Editorial: Can we have fewer consoles please?

Microsoft and Sony seem to echo today's political parties that seem to have no ideals but will happily come round and give you a back rub if there was a chance of a vote in it. Release a good console at a decent price, make sure there are some games worth playing (that didn't appear on your rival's machine months ago) and put enough of them in the shops to meet demand.

Is that too hard?

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ReBurn4086d ago

There needs to be multiple consoles to spur innovation. There are really only three current-generation console choices and two handheld choices. Why is that too many?

stunt2134086d ago

I think having 3 home consoles and 2 handhekd to choose from is perfect

neogeo4086d ago

I get upset when a great Wii or 360 game comes along and I can't buy it owning only a PS3. I don't want another system, just one

Rooftrellen4086d ago

I can agree with the whole exclusive issue, but, really, it has nothing to do with how many conoles are out there. I have to say I dislike most exclusives, too, though.

However, more consoles actually reduce exclusives. If 250 million consoles are spread over 3 consoles, one console gets you about a 83 million gamers. That's not too bad. If 250 million consoles are spread over 5 consoles, just 2 more, one console gets you 50 million gamers, 33 million FEWER potential buyers.

So while I can agree that exclusives are annoying (some are needed, can you imagine some games that use motion control well on the 360, for instance?), fewer consoles make it worse, because more of the market can be tapped with an exclusive, while more consoles make an exclusive reach fewer people, and exclusives become unprofitable.

Vizion264086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Sony and Microsoft are the Republican and Democratic parties (which are really the two butt cheeks on the same butt) of the console business which do things just to appease hardcore gamers. While Nintendo is the smaller Independent party which is all about new ideas, moving foward and appealing to a broad base. They don't cater to just one base (hardcore gamers) to win votes.

dantesparda4086d ago

LOL! great post, that was funny

4086d ago
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