Time Crisis 4 New Trailer

The US Government has rolled out the red carpet in the form of a top secret mission.

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SimmoUK4081d ago

I'm definately getting this, it will be spot on as a two player for me and a friend...

Anybody know when the predicted release date is?

well_said4081d ago

probably this game will not receive high scores...but it will be a very enjoyable the past fav still the first time crisis for ps1...i've spent hours with it...very funny indeed...

kamisama4081d ago

i cant wait for this game is there a set release date yet

Shankle4081d ago

The gameplay had better be spot on because the story looks depressingly poor

wangdiddy824081d ago

this game is fun.. Me and my gf played it at dave and busters and had a blast.. I might have to pick this up

feejo4081d ago

No online, that is too bad. I would like a FPS online.