Several politicians spoke out about halting the sale of ultra-violent video games to minors

With the increasing popularity of video games has come a barrage of legislation targeted at keeping games like "Halo 3" out of the hands of impressionable youngsters. At the end of August several politicians spoke out about halting the sale of ultra-violent video games to minors. Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D-NY) even claims that legislating against video games is a top priority for his state.

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Mikey_Gee4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

... how about a rating systems that is MARKED ON EVERY BOX and retailers need to apply the rules much like a retailer would not sell a XXX movie to a underage kid ..

OH WAIT .... they have one .... "ENFORCE IT" ... don't punish the rest of us. This debate is a Looooooooong time battle (remember Mortal Kombat) ... WOW

If parents want to go out and buy the game ANYWAY ... the issue is with the parents ... not the games. If a parent rents a porn flick for their 10 year old, don't punish the industry.

I was in a comic book store the other day and HEARD the sales guy ask the lady how old her son was. When she said 12, HE CAME RIGHT OUT AND TOLD HERE the comics were NOTHING like the Saturday morning cartoon show and the comics are WAY MORE VIOLENT.

- She bought them anyway -

Now you tell me ... who is at fault ??

As for the games, I said it years ago and stick to it especially with the evolution of games and the implimentation of a rating system ... we NEED and SHOULD have a rating that reads -- "Adults Only” --

If retailers get caught selling to NON ADULTS, fines and punishment the same as selling booze and smokes to under age kids.


Not that hard to figure out is it ??

chitown4081d ago

wow what the fuk r these retards talking about? how the hell is halo 3 violent?? theres hardly any blood. its a prety clean game compared to all the other trash thats out there

Mikey_Gee4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

... when it comes to you kids. Not the WORST .. but I remember the Mortal Kombat rage when you had some red pixels that were a p!ss poor representation of blood.

That is why the RATING SYSTEM need to be enforced. But do not TARGET the adults by banding games.

Here is a pic of my HALO3 "BOOM-HEADSHOT" screencapture from a reply during mulitplayer (I love this feature)

It is big .. 1920 x 1080 -- But worth it

CaliGamer4081d ago

Whatever happened to parental supervision and family time, in fact, what ever happened to common sense?

I have been playing video games all my life, from Pacman to Man Hunt, and never had the urge to go on a killing spree, I also managed to get a Master's degree and have had a girlfriend at all times since about 15 years of age. Guess I must be a fluke.

As long as I can buy any game I want I guess its ok, I just think this story hints at a new generation of kids who need more interaction with their parents. Violent movies and TV shows should be treated the same way, this is obviously a political move to define ones campaign by some issue or another. I would be much more concerned about my child watching the malarky on Real World or I Love New York rather than them playing Halo 3.

Good story mithril, too bad the majority of people on N4G don't care for the more cerebral stories, if it doesn't have BD, Halo or PS3 flame all over it, it doesn't get any attention.

LeonSKennedy4Life4081d ago

We have nothing to worry about!

Look at the history of video games and politics. The video game industry never loses a case! With companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo at the's like the OJ trial EVERY DAY! Pay-offs might be needed, but they're worth it!

jaja14344081d ago

I'm all about not selling some games to minors. I would never in a million years want my 9 your old kid to play something like GTA or God of War. Because of that I can also fully understand where some people are coming from, but there is one underlining fact that keeps me from supporting this.

Its against the damm law. It goes against the 1st Amendment. I keep hearing the same argument saying that games are bad for our children. Whether this is or is not true does not matter. Hell how about this for logic, guns kill people, ban all of the guns in the U.S. I bet doing so would solve a lot of problems, but we can't do that. Why, because its against the law to do so. This is the same exact thing, though it is quite a bit less sever than gun ownership rights, its goes against the foundation of law for the U.S.

All these idiot politicians are doing is wasting tax payer money of useless laws that have/will continue to be held as unconstitutional. But because people would rather the government take care of their problems over them solving it for themselves, these laws will keep popping up. I swear some people don't deserve to be American's.

jackie chann4081d ago

Violent movies and games don't shape your future anyway, if this were true I'd be some crazy, antisocial, criminal trying to chainsaw as many people as possible.

It's your parents and friends that shape your life, it's then YOUR decision to choose right or wrong.

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