Crytek Clarifies PC Crysis 2 DX11 Situation

Rumours of a DirectX 11 patch for Crysis 2 have been spiralling out of control, with some reports suggesting an update would arrive today. Crytek has now stated that "no patch was ever confirmed".

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chasegarcia2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

are you ready?

@comment below. It makes a difference.

kramun2581d ago

Yep. You're a troll.


HeavenlySnipes2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

I'm not a PC guy, but does DX11 really make the game look much better. If its just a few cleaner textures then I don't see why there is so much bitching about it. :/

EDIT: I found a video, they look pretty much the same to me, maybe its a Crysis thing....

EDIT 2: @ below, If you guys say so, I don't own a gaming PC so I couldn't see the effects first hand to have a detailed opinion on it anyway, just wanted to know.

Darkfocus2581d ago

much better effects....textures aren't improved that much but lighting and effects as well as geomtry is improved.

starcrafter2581d ago

Not really. The only real benefits are superior shadows and tesselation. Personally I've yet to see a game where tesselation makes it look much, much more impressive.

Darkfocus2581d ago

are you kidding DX9 lighting is crap compared to DX10/11 lighting.

zez2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Erm, Darkfocus....

Not really mang

Edit: Heck, even metro:

Actually, even the Unigine benchmark specifically tailored to show the strengths of DX11 doesn't have much of a difference in lighting quality
@below: Well I've just listed 5 of the 17 ( games that support DX11 and the difference in lighting between the DX9/10/11 APIs is quite minimal as you can see. I too own COP, for the record, and most of the games shown, too :) Have a look for more comparisons if you want, theres not a huuuuuuge gap in lighting quality between the three, surprisingly.

I say surprisingly because I thought the gap was greater than that (own a DX11 GPU) but apparently, in terms of lighting, it's really not. Perhaps between DX9 and DX10/11, but certainly not between DX10 and DX11

Darkfocus2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

It depends on the game also the call of pripyat benchmark looks nothing like the ingame lighting I have both. same with all the rest of the stalker series, the lighting's a million times better in DX 10/11

edit: metro is visibly better in that's also much more noticeable in game and other sections showcase it a lot better.

edit again:I didn't say there was a huge gap between 10/11 I said there's a huge gap between 10 or 11 compared to 9... Crysis 2 only supports DX9

Organization XII2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

DX 11 shits Bricks on DX 9 games. Like seriously, lightning is breathtaking, also poly counts will make objects much more natural - I tried DiRT 2 on my old DX9 pc and compared it to my DX11 GPU based PC. I was like holy fucking fuck!!! Yeah Youtube doesn't make justice.

Go play it yourself and see the difference! - Bro!

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BlackKnight2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

It truly depends on how much they take advantage of it. DX11 even allows the same graphics we see now but with better framerate as well. And texture resolution has almost nothing to do with dx version. Maybe compression formats or special textures maps like parallax and so on.

Hardware tessellation is a big deal and part of DX11. There has been lots of articles on that alone.

Directcompute is also a part of DX11. From physics and all sorts of applications such as MLAA/FXAA/SRAA or anything AA methods that are post processes, they are done very fast and implemented easily (or should I say easier).

Who knows what they will add. Could be very little, could be alot. It is just like consoles. You see xbox with dx9 and PS3 with opengl 2.0 and we say vast differences in how well they are utilized.


There is alot more than that. I think you are just looking at what the UE3 DX11 tech demo showed.

multipayer2581d ago

I didn't think Rage was being built with DX11 either...

MisfitSmurf2581d ago

Rage as in, people raging about no dx 11. not rage the game :/

Darkfocus2581d ago

rage isn't even being built with directX Lol

Ace_19752581d ago

Crytek are probably think screw the PC patch. The people who want to play Crysis 2 will buy it regardless. And those who won't play it without shiny DX11 graphics are tools who don't matter.

starcrafter2581d ago

and what is this?

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