Killzone 3 vs. Crysis 2 HD Video Evidence

16BitMonster took one of the best looking PS3 games vs. what IGN is calling one of the best looking console games from the Xbox 360 and compared them side by side to see who wins.

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LOGICWINS2578d ago

From this video, I personally like Crysis 2's visuals over Killzone 3's due to the vibrant colors. And yes, I do own a PS3.

Primetimebt2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Don't get me wrong crysis 2 has the best lighting I ever seen in a game but when gets into a dark area it doesn't have the graphical power as KZ3.

Warprincess1162578d ago

I disagree. I think Killzone 3 beats crysis 2 in every category. It just looks so much better than crysis 2

LOGICWINS2578d ago

^^I guess everyone has a different perception of what "looks good"

ChrisW2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Hands down, E.T. on the Atari 2600 looks best! Don't get me wrong, but those were "GRAPHICS" back in the day!!!

ABizzel12578d ago

This is a bad comparison video. The Crysis vid has nothing going on, while the Killzone vid is probably one of the most open levels of the game.

I have both games, and personally I think it's just a matter of art style preference. Crysis 2 goes for photoreal while Killzone 3 has a dedicated art style.

To me Crysis environments and lightning look better (although with a lot less debris, etc...) thanks to the vibrant colors, and openness of many of the levels. But Killzone looks better in more areas than Crysis such as weapons, character models, effects, animations, and more. But like others said when you get in a dark area on Crysis you lose the graphical quality.

It's really just preference, and personally I like both, but I like Killzone a little more due to art style, where Crysis 2 tries for photoreal, but just doesn't quite make it.

Primetimebt2578d ago

@ChrisW hell no Indiana Jone on the Atari

HolyOrangeCows2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Killzone 3: MLAA, HD, no screen tearing, stable framerate
Crysis 2 on consoles: Sub-HD, poor AA, some screen tearing, unstable framerate, poor latency

Killzone 3 wins hands down. Some lighting effects don't save Crysis 2 from being blocky and technically unstable.

Killzone 3 has plenty of large fully rendered levels. The fact that it went with a more linear level design doesn't mean a thing. Well, if you've actually played Killzone 3, you know what I'm talking about.

Kingdom Come2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

@ Warprincess116
Well, of course you'll side with Killzone 3, you're one of the biggest PS3 Fanboy's on this site. And, obviously you haven't played Crysis 1 or 2, because if you had, you'd realise that Crysis 2 destroys its competition. I remember the days where PS3 fanboys used Gears' greys as an insult, yet now its the best colour palette for a game to have... pathetic.

etowntwo2578d ago

@ kingdom

Lol... I remember those days when Gears darker colors were knocked by every psfan on this site .... But since this is KZ, now its he best. Lol... Kids

blackbeld2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

KZ3 is much more better. Look at the action all things flying around explosion and bullets and fast shooting. Crysis 2 I see no ation at all.

Visually KZ3 looks better on the PS3. Off-course on PC is Crysis 2 awesome more with graphics. But gameplay Svcks @ss really boring game no action at all.

ShinMaster2578d ago

That's very true.
Although the PS3 version doesn't have screen-tearing.

This video is too dark, I can't see anything, especially on the Crysis 2 side.

NiKK_4192578d ago

C2 kinda looks better in the video, but when you actually play both of these games, kz3 looks way better, and definitely more polished graphically, and texture pop in is absolutely crazy on C2, draw distance is unbearable, i couldn't imagine sniping on that game (haven't really tried, so...) and the destruction is bad, the destruction that kz3 has is waay better and more realistic in every way than C2's destruction
Crysis 2 is fun, but there are major hits everywhere in this game to get the graphics where they are, and i don't think it's worth it entirely

Menech2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Yeah this from a fair and unbiased comparison. From the same user that posts such youtube gems as.

"Halo 3 Red Rings This Piece of Crap XBOX 360"

You guys a really pushing your level of bias beyond the point of simple stupidity. To the point of being down right douche bags.

The guy clearly recorded Crysis 2 on next to no contrast.

ShinMaster2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Can you blame him?
A lot of people were fooled into buying the new next-gen(not) Halo game on the very popular 360.

Anyone would be mad after that happened. Sometimes more than once.

Menech2578d ago


It still throws any creditability this guy had out the window, any none halfwit can see that.

Not to mention that video seems a little dodgy to me, the spent a long time restarting that system. If you remove the power cable slightly you can make your 360 fake RROD.

Not to mention he just happens to be recording a video of a game hes clearly not interested in, when his 360 suddenly RROD.

Sorry but am dismissing this guy as a fanboy nothing more. Not to mention the clear bad contrast used in the Crysis 2 comparison.

ShinMaster2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

When a cable is moved either 2 or all 4 lights turn red, not 3.
3 lights means real failure.

DaTruth2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

@Menech: You don't need credibility to prove Killzone 3 has better graphics than Crysis 2, you just need those you are trying to sway to have eyes!

Currently enjoying both games but it's not even close! Crysis lighting only works with the sun, every other light doesn't produce shadows; lighting in Killzone 2(yes 2) was much better. Not to mention the glitches, unstable framerate, sub HD, low res textures all over the place, screen tearing and poor A.I... this list could go on forever! You know how good KZ3 would look and how much they could add if they didn't care about these things!

This is like having a broken car that doesn't run good and poor design and saying it is better than a perfectly running car that has better design because the Crysis 2 car is blue and the KZ3 car is grey!

Doesn't matter though because I am having more fun with Crysis 2! Super suit just adds a dynamic that makes it more than just shooting! Jumping in Crysis 2 is one of the best things whereas jumping in KZ3 makes little sense!

Primetimebt2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )


If you were smart enough to check the videos you should have been smart enough to check the details. "Please be advised this video was made for 16bitmonstervids so if you enjoyed please subscribe to them" Everyone crying about the darkness in crysis it's because the game clips are from parts where the shadows overtaken the lighting, or hes in the parking garage so don't cry we messed with the contrast when it's darken because of the of shadows of trucks, buildings, etc.

Plus the video of the Halo was made recording the freezing problem to being with and it just happen to catch the RROD. You might want to give your career was a detective up.

Clarence2578d ago

Crysis looks great but, KZ3 $h!ts on it. I don't know what video IGN is using but KZ3 looks way better than what they are showning.

lil Titan2577d ago

this video makes crysis 2 look boring, there was no real cation compared to killzone 3. reupdate the vid with some intense moments of crysis 2...if there are any i still havent had the honor to play that game yet but will soon

Digitaldude2577d ago

Bought crysis 2 on PS3 and its a beast of a game, but the visuals at least on PS3 are disapointing, choppy textures and such. It sure as hell looks good but from just playing KZ3 I'd prefer KZ3's visuals.
But the MP on Crysis 2 is sick.

DualConsoleOwner2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

why is Crysis 2 footage half cutscenes??

and the guy walk as slowly as possible to avoid pop ups and etc performance issues...



LoT said graphics are "virtually identical"

Ju2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Did anybody ever notice, that Crysis2 buildings all have straight walls (basically cubes) while KZ3's don't?

Take a very good look at buildings in KZ3. There is not a single one which isn't completely bombed out. Not a single "cube" in the whole game. For what it's worth, that requires every single detail be modeled, not just bump mapped.

That basically applies to everything in KZ3. Incl. roads etc. Not a single road which isn't damaged.

If you want to really "feel" how that is different replay some of KZ2's maps in KZ3.

elmaton982574d ago

Kz3 look good, but for some reason crysis 2 looks awesome. Idk bout you guys but I'm getting more out of crysis than kz3.

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Raf1k12578d ago

So do but I have to say that a prettier picture doesn't mean it's technically more ipressive. While I really like the look of Killzone 3 and other dark and dirty war games I think devs should start putting some colour back into the genre.

Ju2577d ago

I like both. I agree that "brighter" games are more popular with the majority of the gaming community. I think CoD is another example why that works.

And, while I like KZ3 for what it is, I'd like to see Guerilla make a game which caters to that audience. Just for the sake of comparison and to see if they can push the boundaries with such a game.

I think KZ3 has two fundamental problems to mass attract gamers (and I speak purely from a business perspective - if you like the game(s) or not doesn't matter): a) it is too dark (incl. dark background story) and b) it has the word "kill" in its name.

Yet, technically, this game blows others out of the water. I would like to see this tech used in a mainstream title with bright colors a la Crysis, CoD, Halo or Uncharted. I think it would be even more impressive - because we wouldn't actually discuss art style here.

LOGICWINS2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

@Primetimebt- Yeah I agree, the lighting is fantastic. Keep in mind I'm just going off the vids I've seen..I haven't had time to play the Crysis 2 demo on PSN yet. But my opinion still stands that it looks better(in my eyes)than Killzone 3 from this video. I'm pretty sure Resistance 3 will top Crysis 2 in the visuals department though.

@dylanquent- I guess in ur world, opinions don't exist.

likedamaster2578d ago

Two great looking games but Crysis 2 just looks crisper & has a lot more going on. K3 is still visually stunning, don't get me wrong.

candystop2578d ago

For me it's Crysis 2 hands down. It's on a completely different level than KZ3 but I will admit KZ3 looks marvelous.

D3athc3ll2578d ago

you must be blind!

Crysis 2 fails - completed it on the 360 and wow, its the most unpolished game ive played in a while!

Texture popin, most unstable framerate, screen tearing alot, and dumbest ai in games ever, oh and don't forget the billion bugs and glitches!

KZ3 may not be as colorful but in the end, color aint graphics alone!!

D3athc3ll2578d ago

you must be blind to think Crysis looks best. Ive completed it on the 360, and it must be the most unpolished game i played in a while

Texture popin, most unstable framerate, dumbest ai en games eva, billions of bugs and glitches, oh and dont forget the screen tearing and sub hd!

KZ3 may not win in color, but in terms of graphics and design, Crysis fails hard!!! The pc version r stable though!!

candystop2578d ago

Either I'm blind or your butt hurt you ps3 fanboy. Crysis2 clearly looks better even with the errors. So now I guess any game with not as much texture pop in or dumb AI (KZ3) is better looking than Cyrsis2 lol.

Motorola2578d ago

They both look good. I think Killzone 3 is a little better.

D3athc3ll2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )


Im not saying Crysis 2 is bad looking! It looks great, but not as much as some ppl say! And boy, it could have been a much better game if they just polished it more, like maybe delayed it a month or 2!!

Anyway, i had alot of hope for Crysis 2, but it dissapointed me alot! Some scenes were alot of fun and great to play, but yea, i just hope they get the dx 11 for pc right and maybe itll be a much better experience on pc max settings!!

Must say the dumb AI made me laugh alot in the game, so it wasn't that bad to experience it!

Killzone 3 > Crysis in most ways (graphics)

Uncharted 2 still my best looking console game! Must say God of War 3's scale were epic, and the textures was >>>>> at most times!

I dont make these things up, i own both consoles and like them both! Gears of War (series) amongst my fav games, and mgs 4 the most fav game!

Xbox 360 = awesome
Ps3 = awesome
Pc = best, but till BF3 comes out, ima wait to upgrade!

Battlefield 3 = best graphics ive ever seen (pc)

In the end... everybody got their own opinions! I just find it hard to respect other ppl's opinions in some areas! But im getting there!

All have nice day! Go watch FPSRussia on youtube!!! Best ever!

trancefreak2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

why the hell you go on the defensive after praising killzone such a hypocrite.

I got the pc version of crysis 2 and its absolutely gorgeous.

Now for killzone 3 I loved the hell out of that game and it kicks ass as a console shooter.

Not only to mention there is so much more action in killzone 3 it feels like a real damn war.

crysis 2 AI suks the characters always mumble the same crap. their isn't much chaos in crysis 2 like kz3.

Crysis and crysis warhead where the pinnacle of graphics and game play c2 falls way short.

Also a snow level on a planet like mars vs a city street in new york. dumb ass comparison and to be honest even though I have gripes with both games I think they both kick ass at the end of the day.

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Bhai2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Crysis 2 is a single, monotonous, city environment, that's showing off some really great lighting...
The effort put into rendering varied environments in KZ3 if had been done to a single theme, that would have been the fairest comparison...

So, KZ3 is a whole lot of environments, has its own lighting+art complexion and it kicks a$$ in rendering each of those envirnments... especially the glaciers,
so yeah KZ3 on top alright :)

Jazz41082577d ago

3 kzis one of the most boring games I have played even bulletstorm blew it away. So yes I'm now finishing crysis2 and finished kz3 2 weeks ago and crysis is another league with open beautiful destructable enviros based on splayer.

monkey nuts2577d ago

I got the ps3 version of crysis 2, and the lighting, even in dark areas is great. It may be different on the 360 but its hard to fault on the ps3. So I'm glad I wasn't swayed by the negatives and got it for my 360. There are so many ways to approach levels and upgrade possibilitys that replaying the campaign will be enjoyed again and again. Play the games not the consoles.

Ju2577d ago

I like C2 a lot. I think it is one of the best looking games out now. I like the scope of the levels, it is breath taking.

And at the same time it is the same over and over again and gets boring pretty quickly.

This becomes pretty apparent when you actually play both at the same time.

Sure, C2s campaign plays nicely - not great, but nicely.

But every time I switch back to KZ3 I am asking myself "what just happened". Seriously. The amount of visual effects going on all of a sudden makes you feel you just entered a different world. And that it sure is.


This is BULLSHIT! Killzone looks JUST AS GOOD IN MULTIPLAYER, while Crysis 2 looks way Better in the Multiplayer but in their single player... in Crysis 2 You get texture popins... as in you are walking and then BAM a box pops in your view but take a step back it dissapears...The worst part is that this also happens to cloaked enemies... Unacceptable! the graphics in Crysis 2 dont have the epic enviroments of Killzone3, and the sound in Killzone 3 is second only to Battlefield...Crysis sound iS THE WORST IN ANY CONSOLE GAME! HOMEFROUNT IS BETTER! I WAS ON PEAR 17 and I jumped out the water and when I went up the stairs... it was still making the splashing sounds... but how can any game with no servers compete in sound and graphics with Killzone?

InTheKnow2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

What a sad display of fanboyism. The Crysis 2 video didn't even fire his weapon until the 1:30 mark? Where are all the set pieces? Where are all the great water effects and lighting? Where are the enemies.

I've played both those campaigns through to the end. Crysis 2 has no equal ( 2011 ) at the moment. Even with severe pop in and AI that breaks from time to time, Crysis 2 really manhandles KZ 3. At this point your dealing with a delusional fan-base in the PS3 that is beyond help.

Crysis 2 is really 2 games. One was a very early in development and the other is the post E3 2010 game that was delayed after they got a glimpse of Bulletstorm, Gears 3, COD, Halo Reach and delayed the release until March 2011. It's not a coincidence that Crysis 2 has the exact same res as Halo Reach or that the water splashing everywhere is a pixel perfect recreate from Bulletstorm. Unreal is a major competitor for Cry-3.

What you see in the campaign is a lot of advertising for their Cry-3 engine. Sandbox game play followed with huge draw distances as well as some vehicle usage. Great variety of weapons and enemies and of course the deal breaker with the nanosuit and all it's RPG-ish upgrades.

The game is a great Hybrid of all the above mentioned games. The multi-player maps alone are outstanding let alone the entire campaign that really shows what can be done with Cry-3.

KZ 3 doesn't have an identity at the moment. Is it Nazi's in space or just a plain vanilla COD wannabe. I think it's both. The releasing of the beta and sp campaign demo actually hurt the sales of this game as gamers had a chance to see that the game is nothing more than a COD wannabe withOUT the cool parts. The sales for the game have been pretty bad for such a big release exclusively on a console that has moved 47+ million units. COD: Black ops on ps3 has sold 10+ million. It's obvious what game is better.

Redgehammer2577d ago

Cry3 looks amazing, I can't wait to see some gameplay footage for Codename:Kingdoms. Since I have not played either games, I have no opinion other than they both look great from what I have seen.

WengYong2577d ago

If you are playing on PC then hell yeah Crysis 2 blows Killzone 3 out of the water. On consoles no way. There are better looking games on both 360 and PS3. Gears 2 supports a higher resolution, more stable frame rate and far better AA. Uncharted 2 is the exact same. Crysis 2 not only has terrible pop in and jaggys but the textures up close look terrible. Cry Engine 3 has wonderful lighting, and yet it still falls behind the original Crysis!

As for your argument of sales showing what is the better game, again thats fail. If thats the case Wii Sports is absolutely the greatest game of all time, which we all know is garbage. Sales doesn't equal greatness. Look at the movies, Kings Speech won an Oscar for best movie and received countless commendations from Movie critics. And yet more people will go watch Transformers Dark Of The Moon. The same applies to games, all games will never come close to CoD in terms of sales, no Halo, Gears, Killzone, Uncharted nothing. Does this make CoD a better game? No not by a long shot.

Can consoles run Crysis? No, but they can run a dumbed down Crysis 2. I like the game, its a good change from the CoD franchise and all, but don't suck the sausage. Its not as great as you think. For all its Sandbox elements it is quite linear.

InTheKnow2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

Xbox 360 runs a higher res than Crysis 2 on PS3, is it automatically the better game? Of course not and only an ignorant fanboy would think so. Resolution is only one of many parameters that a game can be judged. A lot of terrible games runs at high resolution, it means very little in the grand scheme of things.

People buy games they like, case closed. Sales are a direct result of people buying a game they like. Critical acclaim looks good on paper but nowhere else. Wii sports is packaged with every wii sold. Kung fu panda sold 3+ million packaged with the 360, is it worth 3+ million in sales? If you want to compare Farmville or other casual games/ free apps to big budget full price titles, go ahead, again your comparing apples and oranges.

Critics rarely if ever BUY a game. While their opinions are held in high regard in some circles, it's a fallacy. Gamers vote with their wallets and that is why COD is the top FPS this gen. The critics panned Transformer, the movie, when it came out but what happened at the box office? Again, people vote with their hard earn dollars.

COD is a multi-plat. Comparing sales of a multi-plat to an exclusive is an act of stupidity. Multi-plat is available everywhere. Only a ignorant fanboy would do such a thing.

Can consoles run Crysis 2, of course it can and it does. It will sell twice as many copies on consoles than on PC. Even the fanboy who created that sad display above certainly knew Crysis is the better of the two games and that's
why he went out of his way to try and discredit it. What if Crysis 2 out sell KZ 3 on PS3. Does that mean nothing? It means something very important but ignorant fanboys won't except the truth.

NOBODY is saying Crysis 2 is the best looking game ever, least of all me. What Crysis 2 was and is , is an advertisement for the Cry-3 engine, an engine they are in the market to sell. That is why, besides the actual pacing requirements of the game, That Crysis 2 offers both sandbox as well as linear moments to the gamer and the gaming community at large, to show it's versatility. Of course that went over your head and every other fanboys head because of blind brand loyalty and a healthy dose of, you guessed it, ignorance.

BTW, It seems the " sausage " your sucking is blocking out the sun and your missing the big picture.

WengYong2576d ago

@ InTheKnowNothingAtAll

Learn to read my friend. Crysis 2 is Crysis 2, same game on both platforms. PC blows both of them clean put of the water. Well Ive never heard of a person that has said "Oh I hate that game, Im gunna buy it." Great use of logic there.

Your argument for sales holds as much water as my argument for quality. IMO is CoD better than Uncharted? Hell no not by a long shot. But people voted with their wallets so automatically it must be the better game right?

And please LEARN TO READ. I said can consoles run "CRYSIS" and not Crysis 2. And no they can't run the original. Cry Engine 3 has been dumbed down for consoles and it sucks that PC gamers get the short end of the stick.

Nobody is saying its the best looking game? Come on even you know thats BS. Plenty of them are saying that. And personally I couldn't give 2 craps if Killzone 3 was outsold by Crysis. If it does congratulations. So if it does outsell it what does it mean? That a multi plat outsold a PS3 exclusive? So what dude. There are things to do outside of gaming.

Oh and thanks for the personal attack too. Your a keyboard of the finest sort.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2578d ago

I've been a bit hard on Crysis 2 on ps3. (mainly because crytek hyped it to be something that it wasn't) But my main opposition to is it's sub hd with bland textures. But resolution and textures aren't the absolute way to judge a games graphics. It is extremely detailed. It's water and lighting are really good too. It's water is better than Killzone's (not that killzone actually has lots of water in it though). the game looks really good. Still think Killzone looks better. But the more I play Crysis the more i start to appreciate what it does right. Which is a lot actually.

Pintheshadows2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Its foliage is incredible. I think the issue is that both games are a bit inconsistent. Some of Crysis 2 looks incredible but other parts are disapointing. It is the same with KZ3. I still think they are by far the prettiest shooters though. Until BF3 anyway.

@below, I think the musical score for Crysis 2 is better than KZ3. KZ3s score isn't as good as KZ2. Much like the rest of the game.

Ju2577d ago

Well, I agree. I was a bit harsh with Crysis, too. Yet I think Crytek quite delivered on the PS3.

Visually it is top notch.

I think, from a technical standpoint they can do a bit more. Event though I am not sure if this would actually make a big difference.

But, same visuals but full 1280x720 and stable 30fps are possible with optimization. I am sure they can do it. This won't change the overall look of the game, but will make it just a little bit more fluid and enjoyable.

If anything, this is what KZ3 has no problem with at all. I also think KZ3 has a bigger poly budget. That would be nice to see in Crysis. But again, visually it is already great. Framerate and res up a bit would be nice.

clarkdef2578d ago

@chris lol E.T. was a technicle show piece. But hey this is my favorite game and visuals to boot!

tatotiburon2577d ago

crysis smash killzone on every category

2577d ago
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2578d ago
Klipz-Wish2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Why didn't they show different enviroments of Killzone like they did with crysis? This makes me believe they are comparing the demo. I could be wrong though

theonlylolking2578d ago

The vids are super dark also.

16BitMonster2578d ago

Hell, they both look great visually.

axerated2578d ago

funny how u got disagrees for that comment, someone must think they both suck or something! i cant say shit cos iv only played kz3. i tried the mp beta for crysis but that was a bit broken, i personally welcome any game that apparently topples it from its graphical throne! and when i got the cash il give c2 a go

VenGencE9992578d ago


love your comment, wish there were more like it.

16BitMonster2578d ago

No worries, we will put together a better video for you guys if this one has enough interest.

sp1deynut2578d ago

...because your first attempt was complete FAIL. You didn't "compare" anything, the video quality was horrid, and no "evidence" was given of anything. In the future, leave these things to professionals like LensOfTruth.

XabiTheHumble2578d ago

Kinda harsh don't you think? I think it was a decent attempt. I could be wrong.

Redgehammer2577d ago

I disagree
I actually think Digital Foundry's comparisons are more scientific, and overall better quality, but to each their own right? Also, your comment is rude and unnecessarry. Moreover, at least they are attempting something. There are much more intelligent, and mature ways to offer criticism. Unless of course you are treating him the way you wish to be treated. If that is the case then you have my deepest sympathy.