DualShock 3 Getting All Ceramic White for Japan

On November 11th, Sony is also releasing the DualShock 3 in Japan. The force feedback controllers will retail for ¥5,500 (US $47) and come in Black (model number CECHZC2J) and Ceramic White (model number CECHZC2J CW). These will not be packaged with the 40GB PS3.

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Violater4055d ago

I'm thinking about it, not sure if I want to wait till next year to play Uncharted with rumble

HowarthsNJ4055d ago

A bit pricey or did I read it incorrectly?

Marceles4055d ago

<----importing @ launch

btkadams4055d ago

wow i am definitely importing. that white looks sweet. i hope it works with my ps3 lol. i dont see why not to be honest.

DiLeCtioN4055d ago

definitely will import but does it work with EU PS3 and what about warranty

resistance1004055d ago

Yer they should work.

However if the dual shock 3 breaks you will have to send it back to SCEI to have it repaired

sandip7874055d ago

wow i seriously hope its compatible with eu ps3s...
do you guys think itll look nice with a black ps3?

user96916534055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Why don't they get this in the same package as the white 40GB PS3?

Really. I think I could buy it next Christmas when the price is reasonable in combination with some good games. The white PS3 + white controllers at last with rumble I would pay 200 to 300 Euro for then.

It's good to wait with the PS3, so they get all the futures in that should have been there @ start: rumble in controllers, a mature/good online service and... games. Christmas 2008 I think Sony will have it's stuff done hopefully...

huh... don't get the N4G systems working... Changed my name to Xboxkings, but suddenly I have the old name again. Pretty strange. What is happening here...

SmokeyMcBear4055d ago

hahahahah someone took themarts name, he changed his to xboxkings, now someone took themart username, this cant be the real themart, aka xboxkings

user96916534055d ago

Not joking now... I changed my name to Xboxkings, someone else obviously written in a TheMart account (mine was TheMART) but the N4G systems probably are mixed up, because my newsreader logs me in on this account...

Strange! I looked into my account and don't know what's going on... E-mail says [email protected] so it's a XBOX employee now having fun around here or something like that? Moahahaha WTF is this...

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The story is too old to be commented.