Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition rated for Xbox 360

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is one step closer to coming home. The British Board of Film Classification today gave the game a category 12 rating for the Xbox 360, and an expected release date of June 24.

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supremacy2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I said it before and ill say it again, this is stupid.

Why? Capcom why?

First its charging for co op for resident evil 5, then 5 bucks per DLC characters, now this? Whats next super duper street fighter edition with 2 more skins? God when will this end lol its getting ridiculous.

Paladz2637d ago

Don't buy it. SSF was shit after the 1st game.

Veneno2637d ago

Well, we hardcore street fighter fans appreciate updates to the game, but its mental that Comcap is charging us for this DLC after we've loyall bought two retail games.

So far we know that theres 2 new standard chars and 2 new boss chars plus some changes to all chars for balancing. And thats it. If this DLC costs more than $10 there could be a huge fan rejection because this game lives and dies by its online scene outside Japan.

I think CAP should have just made the ton of additions like they did with SUPER and call it Ultra and made it retail for $40 again because major DLC like this just ends up splitting the community.

Rynx2637d ago

You're no loyalist if you're complaining about this. Simple as that!

Veneno2637d ago

being cautious with my money and wanting a fair deal is well within my right as a consumer.

SuperSaiyan42637d ago

I think I'll save my money and get the new Mortal Kombat game when it comes out which is looking pretty good.

Veneno2637d ago

That's an excellent point! The MK hype is through the roof! So what if Capcom announces this DLC to be free? That could keep many ppl from buyin MK if the SSF4 DLC is sizeable and FREE.

supremacy2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Nah I highly doubt it, I mean the fact that this is a brand new game and not something that launched 2 years or so and then retouched and re-released a couple of times already speaks valume. But if you want to get more technical...

The new MK in my opinion,from the look and sound of it feels like a bigger, better game in terms of value. And ill explain why...

Simply put, they are giving you(the gamer) what you asked for in character selection, nevermind all those mini games which these sf editions lack or can't match.

Then there's tagging which they ain't making two seperate games to give you like namco and capcom with tekken tag and mvc3.

This game compared to capcom's latest efforts is a much better product overall.

Yes it too has DLC but for the most part you're getting what you want.

They aren't making 3 editions of the same game in order to give you some extra characters like capcom is doing with SF4.

Instead of them saying lets make them pay for extra costumes and what not, they are instead making you pay for new characters and stages. Which if you ask me its already a much better proposition, considering the already great selection of chracters on board.

Plus if it means anything, ill also add the fact you don't need to purchase a 3DS/another version of the same game to play it in 3D.

All in all to me capcom has been losing points for its lazyness and unfair propositions, 5 bucks per character? You kidding me?lol good luck with that because this shark ain't biting.

2637d ago
riksweeney2637d ago

Oh come on, Capcom

A whole new game, not DLC? You're taking the piss on a grand scale.

PirateThom2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I mean, it's not like the other Street Fighter games didn't get exactly the same treatment of multiple releases but, hell, it's now possible to patch games...

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