Rumour: God of war going Multiplayer

God of War looks like it may be getting a multiplayer component. Sony Computer Entertainment America Santa Monica is currently hiring a senior online programmer to "join the God of War team!" Applicants must have experience "designing and implementing systems and tools to support networking needs (such as in-game communication, client-server, matchmaking, [and] leaderboards)." (Emphasis added.)

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RememberThe3572614d ago

I don't think they are making a new GoW title. It's probably a new IP. Good the hear it'll have multiplayer though.

Kran2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Oh yes. They'll just stop making a successful and well recieved franchise.

Seriously? :/

They might have ended the trilogy, but I dont think they'll properly stop making the entire franchise.

(Im not saying this is or is not it, but still)

C0MPUT3R2613d ago

It's called taking a break, all they did was GoW for 7 years. Do new IP, then go back to making GoW.

SnakeMustDie2614d ago

It's probably a new IP but if its indeed GoW I wonder how will they pull this off.

Waddy1012614d ago

I'm wondering the same thing but i'm more inclined towards believing that it is a new IP or they could be doing something like Insomniac did with Ratchet and Clank and be making a four player co-op game.

Spinal2613d ago

Hmm... a Co-op adventure? Like Jedi Power Battles? or Lord of the Rings Two Towers?

Hmmm but who wants to play the non-kratos character? lol No-one! xD

Waddy1012613d ago

I most certainly wouldn't want to be the non-kratos character but if they had a character that was awesome like quark on ratchet and clank i wouldn't mind that but on GoW there is only make one good character and that's Kratos himself

Samus HD2613d ago

That's What I'm Talkin About(Y)

Calm Down Sunshine2613d ago

Depends, if it was Hades.. then count me in.

SnakeMustDie2613d ago

If the other character is Deimos, why not?

Samus HD2613d ago

Yeah . Either I Don't think it;s good to do the multiplayer mode. It's Only Kratos, Any other character it's unreplaceable with Kratos. F*** Why don;t they just make good inovations ... without shiting....

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macky3012613d ago

Weren't there rumors they were working on MMO title set in Ancient Greece,.. or some shit,.. Probably working on two different ips,..

Waddy1012613d ago

Can you provide a link macky i want to have a look at that

macky3012613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I think this was it,.. I personally cannot imagine them doing an MMO,.. but maybe some style of Diablo type online coop RPG,.. with actually great fighting system,.. Can you imagine something that has even deeper fighting system as Demon's Souls,.. being online,..OMG,..

Killzone3___2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

i can and i have an idea to make a great rpg with the best gameplay and i can make it the hardest rpg game not by die , by making the gameplay challenging with more options ... it's just i can't make a game

nevin12613d ago

I can see co op mode where 2 players can fights hordes of enemies and bosses and solve puzzles together.

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The story is too old to be commented.