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GameTrailers - Top 10 System Sellers

GameTrailers count down the ten games that best sold their respective systems! (Final Fantasy VII, Goldeneye 007, GTA 3, Halo, New Super Mario Bros., Nintendo DS, PC, Pokemon, PS3, PSP, Tetris, Wii Sports, Xbox 360)

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Raendom  +   1214d ago
Gotta say I LOL'd at the picture for this article. XD
BiggCMan  +   1214d ago
I liked tihs video, good trip of nostalgia. I would have to say Wii Sports is debatable though because it comes with every single console in every country except Japan, so I don't really think its fair. Obviously the number of Wii Sports in homes would be really close to how many Wii consoles have been sold. Otherwise, it was a nice video, I normally don't like GameTrailers.

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