New Afrika screens put the 'rocodile' in crocodile

Famitsu has a smattering of new screens for the PlayStation 3's upcoming "lions, tigers and bears, oh my!" safari title Afrika. The screens show off the tremendous rendering power of the PS3 -- each of those animals looks good enough to hunt to extinction for their precious bones and furs -- yet how exactly this whole thing is going to play remains a mystery.

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Genki4084d ago

It may be about taking pictures...but other than that I'd say you'd have to be a fool to downplay what they've been able to achieve here.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4083d ago

Yeah the graphics are nice but I hope they have some exciting sh!t in this game. Like Lions chasing down and killing gazel, Lions vs hyenas, Buffalo sex (hey it happens), etc.....stuff you see on Discovery and PBS.

Who wants to play a game where all you see is Lions sleeping and panting?

Gamespot-equals-EGM4083d ago

BTW, the trailer these screens were pulled from is on IGN.

Frankly, the game doesn't look as good in motion (that's usually the case, screens usually look better than a game in motion). Maybe its my computer but the video looks kind of choppy.

achira4084d ago

this pics look awesome.

WilliamRLBaker4084d ago

but do we even know yet what the game is? I followed it till I got sick of the fact it seemed nothing more then a tech demo for the ps3 during the last 3 or so e3s....what the hell is it?

mighty_douche4084d ago

i dont know what the hell this game is about and even when i do it probably wont interest me...

unless i can put a flak cannon in that lions face!

but the graphics are breath taking, this will get the fury of others but i believe first part ps3 games already beat any of the first party xbox games even a year behind. remember, this is all IMO so try not you get your brand loyalty make you angry.

anh_duong4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

i heard there is a downloadable pack for afrika called "nigerian adventure (tm)". i think in this add-on you have to set up an ebay scamming empire / smuggling ring in endangered rhino horns and elephant ivory.

if anyone interested in buying this add-on pack then please contact me with your bank account details and sort code. i will gladly reward you 54,000 ugandan dollars for your interest.

kind regards,

mr idi amin son of late dictator in swaziland

Kleptic4084d ago

haha that is terrible...

... it was discovered that I am the son of a King in thats where my millions come was great how this prince stuff was brought to my attention via poorly written email from some tard con is very sad that people still fall for that crap...