Master Chief VS Samus in adorable 2D-fighter form

Love Halo? Love Metroid? Love cheesy crossovers done in glorious hand-drawn pixelation form with explosions and guest-shots aplenty?

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LiquidSnack2121d ago

Holy crap this game gets better every time I see it!

princejb1342121d ago

i would so purchase this if it would come out on consoles
it looks awesome
make it a psn and xbl game=]

Darkfocus2121d ago

licensing for this would be a bitch lol

princejb1342120d ago

yes i know but nothing is impossible if this world cooperates for ones

CarlosX3602121d ago

I love this, its cute. I know I'm a guy, but its cute. Very charming.

Corepred42121d ago

i disagreed. you can't call yourself a guy while saying cute and charming lol.

pain777pas2121d ago

Yes, that was awesome. What game is that? It must be a PC indie game but where can it be downloaded and for how much?

Magnus2121d ago

I'd play this is this a Mugen Game?

wwm0nkey2121d ago

yes, its still being worked on though.

Urrakia342121d ago

Master Chief's sniper attack looks really cheap lol This game looks awesome!

SixZeroFour2121d ago

not looks like its slow and takes awhile to pull off, plus, it looks like you have to control the crosshairs which might mean that you are defenseless while using the move

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The story is too old to be commented.