The Making Of... System Shock 2

An inexperienced team working on the sequel to one of the most respected games in PC history. It sounds like a recipe for horror. And it was – but in a good way.

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MK_Red4081d ago

System Shock 2 is one of many reasons that makes me insanely mad at 2K for changing Irrationals name.

But back to topic, System Shock 2 was indeed one of the best and most scary games of all time and one of the few games that were actually better than the first game. (The other one being Mortal Kombat 2 IMO)

JCDenton4081d ago

Agreed! System Shock 1 & 2 were one of the greatest games in gaming history. There's only one game better then SS2 - DEUS EX (not Invisible War, but the first one).

MK_Red4081d ago

Agent Denton, now why do I get a feeling you're a big Deus Ex fan :)

But seriously, I agree with you on System Shock 1,2 and Deus Ex being among the best games ever but my choice is neither. It's Fallout 2.

toaboa4081d ago

Agreed JC Denton - Deus Ex1 best game ever, SS2 a close second.
One of the strangest things, I really wanted to convince myself that BioShock was a true spiritial successor to SSE2. But BioShock never had the same dense atmosphere that SSE2 had and, IMO anyway, plateaued far to soon (within the first 3th of the game) in terms of having presented almost all it's originality and innovative content. SSE2 and Deus just never did this, they kept pushing "WTF!!!" moments as you right up till the end.

Charlie26884081d ago

I LOVE my sysshock2 XD, one of the best and creepiest game Ive ever played :D

Too bad for Bioshock the devs made the formula more for n00bs :(