The Gametwerp Podcast Episode 90 – “The Professor”

"Episode 90 is here! And you know what that means…a reboot! We’ve got a new intro, new segments, and new segues, plus the same great video game talk we’ve always had. Of course, be “great video game talk” we mean our usual bumbling through whatever’s happening in video game land. Cheers!"- ChaingunPope

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maxcavsm2549d ago

Wow, ten away from 100! Congrats! Always impressive to see a crew hang together for that long.

TheStonedSheep2549d ago

Love the new show, nice to see things spruced up for episode 100.

AmigoSniped2549d ago

Cant wait to see it hit 100

PureDarkness2549d ago

Getting close to the big one :P

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