Current US Best Sellers: Halo 3 is number 1 followed by Zelda and Orange Box

Halo 3 holds onto the No1 spot but Nintendo platform software dominates overall. The Orange Box also takes the chart by storm.

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MK_Red4086d ago

Glad to see The Orange Box but I was hoping it'd be at number 2 or even 1. Gordon is here!

mighty_douche4086d ago

imagine this was the first time half-life 2 had been released, im sure this would be the number 1 for sometime and deservidly (spell check?) so, its currently the best FPS avaliable and nearly 3 years old.

for first time players, you sre in for a real treat, this is FPS at its best, by the best. have fun!!

wageslave4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

"its currently the best FPS avaliable and nearly 3 years old. "

Arguably true. While HL2 is a PC title (and Orange Box is multi-plat), I'd say Halo 3 is arguably as good or better. HL2 has 96 on metacritic and Halo 3 has 94.

Pretty close.

But there is almost no chance that it could have come in at number 1. Halo 3 is a phenomena, and it deserves it.

But I must commend you two Sony Defence Force fanboys for trying to start an anti-Halo 3 flamewar right off the mark.

Just to note, The Orange Box is available *NOW* on the Xbox 360. And, i guess you PS3 blokes will get lucky enough to get your version whenever Valve can get through that mess of a development environment that Sony dumped on the world.

Lets hope they can get it to the same quality as the Xbox 360 version, its so sad to see you all getting gimped games for your PS3DO.

See? I can be fun too.

Blasphemy4086d ago

I really don't understand why Amazon chart threads get approved. They change every hour.

omfg_1114086d ago

the us-market is the only one who love halo3 ...

Jeremy Gerard4086d ago

does it matter, who asked you? and you are wrong anyway, Halo is doing very well everywhere, it is just most popular here in the US, it even did well in Japan so just stop talking and go fold at home or something.

iceman20004086d ago

i done bil live word of usa press
dei ar liinge

dachawk4086d ago

The Halo hype will convert many Zelda only players to Zelda and Halo players. It's a natural extension as players get older and can afford a 360. Go platform neutral!!!