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Submitted by LiquifiedArt 3459d ago | news

The PS3 Will Cure Cancer??

Since 2000, Folding@Home (FAH) has led to a major jump in the capabilities of molecular simulation. By joining together hundreds of thousands of PCs throughout the world, calculations which were previously considered impossible have now become routine. FAH has targeted the study of of protein folding and protein folding disease, and numerous scientific advances have come from the project.

Now in 2006, we are looking forward to another major advance in capabilities. This advance utilizes the new Cell processor in Sony's PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) to achieve performance previously only possible on supercomputers. With this new technology (as well as new advances with GPUs), we will likely be able to attain performance on the 100 gigaflop scale per computer. With about 10,000 such machines, we would be able to achieve performance on the petaflop scale. With software from Sony, the PlayStation 3 will now be able to contribute to the Folding@Home project, pushing Folding@Home a major step forward. (PS3)

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RealDoubleJ  +   3460d ago
interesting but, taking SETA as an example, i find it improbable.
kingboy  +   3460d ago
i bet soon u`ill hear people saying,sony said this..
omansteveo  +   3459d ago
Kingboy is lame
kingboy  +   3459d ago
just like u
Monolith  +   3459d ago
this is a interesting topic
DG  +   3459d ago
Interesting headline. Flame ON!
Cyberoach  +   3459d ago
PS2.5 "Next Grilleration"
the Forman Grillstation 3 grills steaks, cures cancer, and is a Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine
Monolith  +   3459d ago
then i want it, its a nice looking grill machine
Boink  +   3459d ago
that was funny, I see the point they make though.

sony PR guys should get moving on this, they could use the positive:)
Marriot VP  +   3459d ago
Change the frickin title, some find it offensive and it's just fool hardy. Say something like the Cell provides a jump in medical cpu possibilities.
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Sexius Maximus  +   3459d ago
GREAT for general processing...okay for gaming
This is NOT a knock on the PS3, but it goes to show that the Cell is a GREAT chip, however, it's creation was meant for general processing and NOT specifically for gaming. Sony should've picked a gaming oriented processor, but they'll make more money if they use their Cell.
(this comment has nothing to do with the xbox360)
Ken Kutaragi  +   3459d ago
Wow, now i can get cured. WIth all this confusion No wonder I was making these ridiculous contraptions called playstations... I shouldve been working for Nintendo the whole time.
Cyberoach  +   3459d ago
This machine does everything, too bad it isn't very good at playing video games.
kingboy  +   3459d ago
trust me if it wasn`t that good ur @ass wouldn`t post here.that alone is proof
FKN Unbelievable  +   3459d ago
Yeah Yeah like Ken said.
Besides did i mention that i have 6 Million Units By Launch along with Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidgee Racerrrrrrrrrr.
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HiSpeedSoldier61  +   3459d ago
So Sad
How can such a surprising,promising news post like this can receive instant bashing from anyone I don't know,maybe because the 360 lonely boys will take whatever opportunity they can get to unjustly bash the ps3,while making absolutely no sense and without stating any fact.

Xbox loyals like Cyberroach claim the ps3 is "no good for playing games",yet the little dumba@@ and his nerd followers act like they have all had a chance at the ps3 already, like they have already played and had first-hand experience with all of the ps3's VERY promising launch titles(which look a lot more next generation than the generic crap x box 360 launched with)We can bash and talk how much the 360 sucks because its already here,its crapiness and unevolutionary promise is known and seen by all.By bashing how much the ps3 already sucks as a gaming machine is only more proof of how jealous the 360 loyals are getting.
FKN Unbelievable  +   3459d ago
Speak on it my Mindless Servant.
I am your god and i say the PS3 Will be the best smoking....Literally this freaking thing is huge,Untamable and Faulty. How can i sell this to a 14 year old? I know how i'll tell him(Parents and other mindless drones in Japan and America.)it a Super computer and a George Foreman Hibachi Grill (cause everyone loves Goerge) to make sushi and hamburgers while you wait for game and BD's to load or Surf the Internet.
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ChickeyCantor  +   3459d ago
ken and kaz
i can offer you both a highter position then you already have in the sony company: cleaning toilets.
so what you 2 say huh?
Ken Kutaragi  +   3459d ago
Better than the job I have now at Sony since we are going bankrupt! BUY A POS3 SIDAR, MY SON!
FKN Unbelievable  +   3459d ago
Please i will take it.
But this is after i lose my job right Boss?
Ok Sidar i accept.Do i get to Wear the neat blue jumpsuit?
Ken Kutaragi  +   3459d ago
I love it when you wear that jumpsuit Kaz... It reminds me of the time we...oops...not here *wink*. Yup Kaz, as soon as we both get axed from our jobs, we get our new jobs!
SEER  +   3459d ago
Someone important will be approaching...
FKN Unbelievable  +   3459d ago
Please don't Boss.
Don't let our Relationship leak out to the Press That Would Finish us for sure. It already bothers us When that cartoon Drawn Together Use the Term "Gaystation" for one of it characters. Why do you think i personally created the Slogan "PSP,Yeah i'd Hit it." to make seem Heterosexual.
Ken Kutaragi  +   3459d ago
You know Kaz, it would be kind of like Brokeback Sony...get my drift...NOT LITERALLY! lol. Dont worry Kaz, our Sony children havent really spoken to us openly yet so it seems safe... BUY A POS3 MY FANBOY CHILDREN!! wlecemo cahngo..whatever that means.
ChickeyCantor  +   3459d ago
=0 ken and kaz ( god im laughing the sh1t out of me! AHAHAH XD)
blue jumpsuit, indeed we even have pink for those who like a diffrent aproach, suddenly pink is totaly in man look at your new PSP pink slimPS2.....whats next ? pink boomerang?...sadly pink cant cure cancer.
but you clean toilets, you can fight germs together!
isnt playing together more fun?!!!!
MissAubrey  +   3459d ago
LiquifiedArt  +   3459d ago
I can Play All the Greatest games in the world, and Also help my fellow brother out. THis is WONDERFUL!@# :)
J Allard 360  +   3458d ago
Love That grill!!!
I can end liquidfartfaces hunger with my kock in his azz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bhai  +   3459d ago
Honourable !
I would certainly feel real prestiged and honoured while owning a system that has a worldwide appeal. It not only creates wonderful worlds but helps in its accompanying world as well, to find solutions to critical problems ! AWESOME !!!
Microsoft Master  +   3459d ago
The Xbox 360 took my company years of hard work, and there is much more in the way to come. In mid-february 2007, we will have switched to a 65nm process for our CPU, so not only will we be able to downsize the current CPU, it will allow us to further cool the console. So starting in February 2007, i am pleased to announce a smaller, cooler, newly redesigned Xbox 360 will hit stores in North America, with Europe following in April, Japan in May, and the rest of Asia in July.
FKN Unbelievable  +   3459d ago
Please Microsoft Master.
My Girlfri-Boss and i Are Looking For jobs Right now.You know they say you can always find a job when you're working.Since were Soon to be Unemployed Please Consider us For Your Full-time Janitor positions Thank in advance and Remember.....Jump In.
Ken Kutaragi  +   3459d ago
Dont worry Kaz I'll "JUMP IN"....oh wait.... Yes Microsoft Master please give us a job!!!

-Barbie Ken Kuuuuuuutaragi
God of Gaming  +   3459d ago
Th e PS3 is Da BEst Its Bettr thn stupid XbOx Yea Ok Eat It
ACE  +   3459d ago
u sony droids believe ne thing lol lol lol .
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