White Knight Chronicles: Video Walkthrough And Q&A

Game Informer writes:
"When Sony showed off White Knight Chronicles for the first time at TGS 2006, it was one of the biggest things that came out of the show. The developer for the recent Rogue Galaxy was cooking up a huge RPG for the new system, but little else was known about the game. At this year's Tokyo Game Show, surprisingly, Level 5 allowed players to get their hands on it. We took some time to meet with Level 5 CEO/President Akihiro Hino and Senior Vice President Yoshiaki Kusuda to get a complete video walkthrough of the demo and find out more about how the game worked."

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Bebedora4085d ago

I just want to buy it now. I'm sooooo sold on this game already. The less I know, the more I will enjoy it, as I see it from now on.

MK_Red4085d ago

So what's the name? White Knight "Chronicles" or "Story"?

Lucreto4085d ago

White Knight Chronicles is has been comfirmed as it's english name.