Video- Some gameplay action for Yaris

Some gameplay footage for Yaris, which is set to come out on XBLA for free this Wednesday. Take a look at the video, and you'll know why it's free.

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ShiftyLookingCow3786d ago

I hope there isn't more of this spam coming to Live Arcade

InMyOpinion3786d ago

I thought Yaris was friendly to the environment...

boi3786d ago

leaving a bad impression for my brother because he was thinking of getting a Yaris this month! LOL

Its shocking! Yaris can do all that damn! Now I be getting a Yaris myself lol

aggh im on fire3786d ago

Isn't this just the sonic the hegdehog2 bonus level with cars?

projectile3785d ago

now that you say it, looks pretty much the same except they added guns.
Sure looks like a free game.

alpha tango 993785d ago

another xbox 360 exclusive! Haze has got nothing on this.

InMyOpinion3785d ago

Haze isn't free now is it?

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