Sony could run BC On 40GB PS3s. They just don't want to.

This whole backwards-compatibility thing on the new 40GB PS3 is a pinch confusing. Why, exactly, can't the new model run PS2 games when the old one could? Tired of asking questions of the night, Kotaku instead asked SCEE, who fired back a super-detailed, super-helpful guide to the 40GB's BC capabilities. Which is published in full after the click.

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Maddens Raiders4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

people will complain about anything I guess. This is such a drag these days where people seem to actually 'look' for things to complain about -- I guess jobs, status, appearances need to be justified.

Oh well, I have three PS2's and 2 PS3's and can tell you how many times I've played PS2 games on my PS3. Once.

It was Gran Turismo 4 and I did it to look at the upscale and indeed it looks great. I also have the memory card adapter, but it seems like a waste of money now really (although it wasn't that much). One of my PS2's stays plugged in on the entertainment center right underneath my PS3 so what 's the big freakin' deal about getting off my ass if/when I feel like showing a little PS2 love.

Besides when I want to play Killzone online and get some good Park actioon in, I can't do it on the PS3 anyway because the network adapter is needed in order to sign in. So that's why the PS2 will never go away for me. So for some games it's awesome (w/ the upscale) and others not so great. The bottom line: buy a capable machine and stop whining or go spend a pittance on a PS2 and get the 40GB spec. wtf?

People b*tch, and b*tch for Sony to lower the price on a S T E L L A R piece of kit, and then the cheap bastards complain even more when they lower the price and concentrate on nex-gen gaming for the nex-gen system. I don't get it -- the 360's BC is basically non-existant and the Gamecube isn't even supported anymore.

Onward through the fog...onward through the fog.

Zhuk4087d ago

People are complaining because BC has become to be expected of Sony and the Playstation brand. One of their biggest selling points (and attacks on Microsoft's software backwards compatibility) of the PS3 was that it would be 100% compatibile with all games, which is another promise they have gone back on.

What they should do is promise people that they will work on a software based emulation solution for 40gb owners which means that over time not only will people be able to play their games, but eventually they can remove the hardware BC from all models, save production costs and still maintain an important feature

Captain Tuttle4086d ago

Now you're telling us all of the things that the PS3 CAN'T do and why you've got to keep a PS2 hanging around? That's some spin man. In truth this is a big letdown for Sony...BC was one of the hallmarks of the Playstation brand and one of the PS3's biggest strenghts. The gaming division must be in some trouble if they cut this feature out to save money.

Danny Dan4086d ago

Guys, I completely understand and agree with ya'll but at the same time, you guys are acting like all PS3 SKUs won't support BC. When the fact of the matter is, only ONE model doesn't support BC which is the 40gb.

Sony has been b**ched at, laughed at, kicked/punched at, low-blowed at, s**ted on, complained-until-my-lungs-get- sored to lower down the price... Now they have to sacrifice to get that price tag down, so BC will have to go... Now boom, "Hey guys we got that price tag down for you now, by $200! Ask any company if they can do that!" ... but now websites are saying "We don't care, we want BC now..."

Its like damn.. Sony must be asking themselves wtf these people want... Sony cannot catch a break...

Omegasyde4086d ago

If sony did decide to emulate ps2 games it would take a while and require dedicated resources to emulate the games each being individually.

Let alone, who is to say that the emulation of the ps2 games will be perfect. I have a feeling Sony doesn't want to do it because some games emulated would probally look horrible. If they do display a horrible looking ps2 game people will "cry" about that then.

The solution is simple, if you want backwards compatibility you will have to pay alittle bit extra. Microsoft and Nintendo believe in the same thing as far as "memory" goes for thier consoles. Let alone Madden is right, there will and is enough playstation 3 titles to keep someone busy for a while especially after the holidays with many multiplatform and exclusives games cominf out for the system

UnasFortuna4086d ago

People are always going to bit*h and moan about something. This is a mute point. They grumbled about the original price of this powerful piece of technology when it first came out (which I didn't think overpriced myself) and now they are moaning about the cheaper version available for those wanting to get into the next gen at a lower cost point. A cheaper price has to come at "price" not to make a pun. It is far too early in the consoles technological life to be able to make it cheaper on the basis of cheaper manufacturing costs. They had to make a sacrifice somewhere and the BC was one of those places. As they mentioned in the article, software emulation for every single title would require enormous resources which I am happy they are focusing on the current PS3 and its features and games. Maybe in the future, they can initiate a division that can work primarily on this software emulation... but I would like them to keep their focus just where it is currently. If they want the BC capability now, then they can just stop griping and shell out the extra money like I did when the console first came out. Like you, I have only played my PS2 games a couple of times... People need to get a life and stop trying to get something for free.

dantesparda4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Its "moot" point, not "mute" point. Please dont take this as a shot at you, as its not. Im really just trying to look out for you and i see alot of people on this site do the same thing (say "mute" rather than "moot")

Play B3yond4086d ago

If all of you ppl have a problem or just wanna complain about BC just pay extra and get a that so hard to do?

segasage4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

this is about PS3's new strategy to get gamers to buy it's console with this much cheaper SKU that is somewhat gimped.

Like I stated before yes you have choices..the other choices are still expensive and if they were selling you would not have gotten this gimped SKU.

at least IMO BC is very important to gamers, well not in this site filled with fanboys that don't give a sh#t. either because they own one or they are just hardcore and a small percentage of buyers that bought the 60 gig models as opposed to all the ps2 fans out there.

oh yeah it's easy to look past it on here. we'll see if this back fires.

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akaFullMetal4087d ago

i think that if enough people complain about the bc, then they will implement it in the 40 some how, but its kinda a bummer that they are not doing that now, i think they should, but maybe nobody will care???

pilotpistolpete4087d ago

Ok, no BC in the new 40gb europe model. End of story. Please no more posts about unless it's really informative.

BIGWILLDX4087d ago

If people want BC that bad get the damn 60gb

Sevir044087d ago

because they want all the fluff of the launch 60gig at the 400 dollar price.... They asked for a price drop and so it was done even more rapidly than sony initially wanted. so said fine we'll give it to you now the kids want it, because it's synonymous with playstion brand. well they have not totally gotten rid of the damn backwards compatibility. i mean for freaking real. the 60gig starter pack has dropped in price substancially. if they want it then suck it up and get the damn 60gig. if you cant affod it. keep your freakin PS2 and buy the entry level.

Sony cant please anyone these days. they still have BC PS3s on market. get over your cheap ases and get it or be cheap and get the poor one..

my God these kids are spoiled.

and no i'm not ranting at you 2, just upset at all the cry babies who whine about this.

Play B3yond4086d ago

didnt see what u said yet

wangdiddy824087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

so much hate and so many haters.. Ps3 has to be the most hated on system in the world..Will it ever stop??? I think not. Hey this just builds hype for the new ps3 release.. Why do you think sony doesnt market the ps3? Because other people do it for them.. negitive or positive its still get people talking and knowing about the ps3. I bet everyone in the world knows there is a new ps3 coming out now..

malingenie4086d ago

Truly a hated system. Cant imagine why. I drooled over it prelaunch and ive drooled over it ever since. But people seem to go out of their ways to tell me it sucks. It just feels absolutely insane.

lonestarmt4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

this whole thing is proof in my eyes there are people out to smear ps3 with any agenda. A price cut is great. I picked up a DS when they slashed the price for the lite. They could include it but they didn't want to? give me a break. Yeah because then it would cost more, no crap. The 360 has no BC and none one complained, no one. yeah sony had an avantage with BC and used it against M$ but you still can get it with BC just with extra money, unlike M$. AT least they didn't tell you HDMI or wifi isn't needed, it just raises the cost up, then turn around then add them later, then I would feel cheated buying the first SKU. Its still the same damn machine and can play the same games and blu-ray movies just without BC. People cried and whined haha ps3 has no games, you only play ps2 games, who cares about ps2 games, 360 is next gen, so sony shifts focus on next gen and cut costs and what do they say now?? wahhhhh it can't play ps2 games now its not worth getting if i can't play ps2 games wahh. Face it, unless sony adds in the ps3 can do your chores and homework for you and cost 50$ there are always going to be people giving and talking crap about ps3

spikormikor134086d ago

Sony does market the PS3. They're ideas are just a little... eccentric.

That crying doll-baby-thing still scares me a little.

Nameless4087d ago

Fony should "Man Up" & issue an apology to Microsoft for all of the crap they said about them & Backwards Compatibility. But Fony = retards so screw them.

Sevir044087d ago

they dont need to apologize because they still have PS3's on the market that supports BC. were as MS is damn well close to none. 3 different models for three different price points and for different consumers just because one doesn't support it doesn't mean the others cant. you're just another who cant afford one... as it is right now all this b*tching needs to end. PS3's other configs have BC, the 40 doesn't either get the expensive one and shut up or keep the cheap one, keep your PS2 and then shut the F*ck up.

and you .... i wont even bother... i'll just say you've earned a fabulous golden ticket to my ignore list. enjoy

WilliamRLBaker4087d ago

""were as MS is damn well close to non""
um no the 360 has BC for what now 300 games?

your foolish if you believe the statement you just made, face it sony could do it but dont wanna because they know they cant they suck at software and all ways have, they'd screw it up, just like they did hardware BC with the fact ps2 games looked like crap and had to get a firmware update to make them look as good as the ps2 versions.

sony time and time again marketed BC ( even said many times, it was 100% bc and that was a lie) and they could easily add it for minimal cost but dont wanna cause they are lazy, they will add it eventually because they gimped the 40 gig ps3 way to much for it to sell much.

spikormikor134086d ago

Sony could have done backwards compatibility but didn't because they couldn't? Does that make sense to you?

Play B3yond4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Lol calling us fony??? after u xbots copied us...if it wasnt for sony ,microsoft might not even be making gaming consoles and if they were we'll probably be playing a 2D game about stick figures.

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