GameSpot Reviews Syphon Filter LS: 8.5/10

The story won't win any awards, but Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow may, with its decent campaign, high replay value, robust online content, and Combat Ops demo. No, this game doesn't do anything radically different, and no one piece is staggeringly brilliant or inspired. But taken altogether, Logan's Shadow envelopes dozens and dozens of hours of solid play time, making it one of the best buys for your buck. On top of all that, the graphics are solid and the load times are relatively short. While it may not be your only option this holiday season, it's still a mission you should gladly accept.

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Charlie26884088d ago

The story makes no sense? I guess some little reviewer hasn't played or is not even remotely familiar with previous games >.>

Vojkan4088d ago

He most likely didnt finish the game

X4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

About the only problem I have is for some reason, it'll exit manual aim at certain points by itself. Other than that it is a very good game and will make a good addition to anyones library.