Dev: We want Australia's games rating system to change

A number of years ago Nic Watt, formerly a lead games designer at Electronic Arts London, moved from England to Australia and founded the game studio Nnooo. Designing video games in the commonwealth, he found, has one key flaw: the country doesn't allow mature-rated games to be sold within its borders. The game developer and studio founder commented on the Australian censorship dilemma with's Game Guys during the 2011 Game Developers Conference.

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Tuxmask552612d ago

I'm so glad it isn't like that here in the States though Senator Yee wants to do something similar here in Cali.

Loner2612d ago

Its 2011 and Australia has this problem.Its a little puzzling about why they cant get it sorted out

SactoGamer2611d ago

Well, one does kind of scratch his head over the whole thing. Personally, I think it's silly.

NintendoGal2611d ago

Yeah, but then again they have a crappy internet infrastructure from what I understand. So I just put their rating system hand in hand with how expensive and cruddy internet is. Eventually I hope both will get better.