Metal Gear Solid 4 to be at E for All

Siliconera: Maybe E for All won't be that bad. Sure Capcom, Square-Enix, Atlus, NIS America, Agetec, Sony and Microsoft won't be there. But Electronic Arts, 2K Games, Nintendo and Konami will be around.

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DiLeCtioN4087d ago

wonder what they gonna show i hope its more suprises but not too much

KeMoBLUE4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )


WHOOPS i totally misread. i thought they said MGS4 will be E for All. but that wouldn't make any sense

my bad :p

synce4087d ago

I didn't see the "at" either. I was worried for a second, but then I remembered the scene with those dudes getting chopped in half.

Mr_Kuwabara4087d ago

You sure it's presentng MGS4 or possibly Solid Snakes character in Super Smash? Cuz I'll be dammed if they let kids or w/e attendees in those shows play a MGS4 demo or something.

Lol little kids playing MGS4, Snake hiding in a locker masturbating while calling Otacon from the codec. LOL MGS2... good times... good times.

Hatchetforce4087d ago

Look at it this way. With MGS4 at E for All it IS the show.

jaja14344087d ago

Thats just bad wording for a title. I wonder who many people first read that as the rating E for Everyone.

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The story is too old to be commented.