PS3 Hacker Who Needed Legal Funds Gets Over $28,000 in Donations

A while ago, PS3 hacker Alexander Egorenkov asked his readers for donations to cover his court costs (he’s getting sued by Sony for working on getting Linux back to the system) and he consequently received $14,000 in just two days. Now, the hacker has received a truly incredible sum of money to continue his fight.

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Shazz2457d ago

theres a lot of stupid people out there it seems , sorry but donating to a hacker /thief/pirate/cheapskate is madness imo . you feel like you have cash to throw away then why dont you donate to a friggin GOOD cause like a cancer charity .

Echo3072457d ago

Or to the Red Cross, or any other organization that is helping Japan right now.

MAJ0R2457d ago

maybe this guy can go on a cruise instead of just going to South America

AntoineDcoolette2457d ago

*walks into article expecting to see a zillion people complaining about how someone else chose to use their money*

*walks out unsurprised*

MintBerryCrunch2457d ago

that is still not a lot of money...if he even wants to employ a half decent attorney willing to take on Sony, he will burn through that money in less than a week just in court fees, attorney fees etc

MaxXAttaxX2457d ago

People are free to comment and give their opinion on the stupid ways some people waste their money.
It's on topic, after all.

MmaFan-Qc2457d ago

all that money donated to a douchebag instead of peoples who REALLY need it.

good job morons!

i just hope the douches will be humiliated in courts and see the morons who gave them money bitchin about how "crooked" the judges ares and how "unfair" life is..."whaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaa, why cant i leagally steal IP and legally fraud a corporation?"

AntoineDcoolette2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I never once said no one had the right to say what they were saying. I'm just disheartened they wish to dictate others' finances and monetary decisions. If I tithe five dollars to my local church or go out to eat is someone going to call me an idiot and say I should have donated that money towards the Japanese relief effort instead?

jadenkorri2456d ago

@ AntoineDcoolette

I hope noone would ever call someone an idiot for donating to their local church or to Red Cross or to whom ever it is that's doing a good cause. However donating to a hacker who don't want to lose money in a court case cause he wants to hack the ps3 to pirate games and steal is idiotic. You might as well go find a rapist or a murderer and give him money to help defend himself.

AntoineDcoolette2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I wouldn't compare someone who wants to modify a piece of equipment (s)he purchased to a person who took the life of or caused physical and or emotional harm to another. I'll openly admit I used homebrew on my PSP for things such as internet radio but I still purchased the games I played on it.

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Blad3star2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Donating to Japan would be a better choice.

I have an uncle that is doing some humanitarian work in Japan and the situation is much worst than what we see on TV.

Edit: Disagree all you want but Japan really needs our support.

nix2457d ago

"I was one of those persons that used Linux on my PS3 and would welcome it back with open arms."

that's why u got diagrees. nice editing.

Blad3star2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

@ Nix what are you talking about? Take your Sony vs MS goggles off for one minute and you will see that those people in Japan really need help.

I really hope that you find some kind of compassion in your heart.

@Hellrazir - I am voluntary member of the Red Cross here in the Cayman Islands and we have taken the unusual step of opening an appeal for the Japanese relief effort despite not having received a direct request from the Japanese branch of the charity. The response from our small island has been tremendous. I do not know where you are from but I advise you to do some research on you community and see what you can give to make it a better place. Something as simple as picking up trash or helping in your local soup kitchen makes a big difference in the world.

helrazor3432457d ago

Well good for your uncle, but are you doing anything for Japan? I agree they really do need help too, and those donations would better serve in aiding Japan, but what can you do (referring to the frivolous waste of money on these hackers "cause", lol)?

Quartx2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Blade you did a stealth edit. >_>

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pixelsword2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I stabded 20 jillion goat poopz and I needz 100,000 dollars or they will jal me for doing something I agreed not to do when I accepted their terms so thanks for bailing me out of the trouble I caused for myself by breeching teh contract.

ilikecookies2457d ago

You only agree to the contract when you make an online account. TANKZ FOR BEING TEH [email protected]

pixelsword2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

"A while ago, PS3 hacker Alexander Egorenkov asked his readers for donations to cover his court costs (he’s getting sued by Sony for working on getting Linux back to the system)..."

Even if he didn't make an online account, if he was working on someone's PS3 (which he wasn't) they would have an agreement and he would be an accomplice.

He can't work on getting it back on the system if he never had it removed from his PS3 himself.

He himself said he was reverse-engineering it which is against the ToS of the hardware, not the PSN.

Tanks for being teh logick.

Eamon2457d ago

I donated money to various charities. I've also volunteered on tubes and trains with charity buckets asking for people to donate change.

So that means I can donate money to this hacker's legal fund, right?

Exactly. That excuse is rubbish. Just because you don't think it's noble, it doesn't mean others don't.

Takoulya2457d ago

What you do with your money is your choice, but hackers running rampant on the video gaming community affects everyone.

Eamon2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Firstly, people keep repeating this phrase of "Hackers effect everyone." There are many reasons why this is nonsense.

Firstly, each hacker or developer works on their own project. If someone made a cheat program then only that single person is responsible for making it. Not the entire hacking scene.

There are many differing opinions among hackers and developers out there. Some think piracy is wrong while others do not.
A message to you guys; Reading N4G articles is hardly what you call informed. Go and speak to them on IRC channels or forums. Go check out their websites.

As for piracy. The theory that piracy stops game developers making games is very weak as every console still has tons of games released on them. The real threat to the developers is used games as there is significant number of purchases in that market. That is why EA and Ubisoft have tried to implement different ways to prevent people from purchasing used games.

The guy is a single person who is up against an international mega rich corporation. If you believe in fair courts then technically he should have the as much legal funding as Sony does.

Sarevok2457d ago

Well, someone sure is pro hacker lol...

Eamon2457d ago

Technically, I'm not pro-hacker. I'm just annoyed at the amount of mindless hate I see for these individuals and the mindless love for corporations.

I haven't donated a single penny to geohot or this guy but that doesn't mean I think what they are doing is wrong.

gamingdroid2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

... and I bet you that the vast majority of pirates aren't hackers! Just like the vast majority of internet users are music/movie pirates!

I think we should shut down the internet, because it enables piracy on the scale never seen before. However, I'm sure all you lying son of a b's here think otherwise?

Also every gamer is a violent individual and games should be banned. Period!

Fact is, when the tables are turned people tend to change their tune pretty quick!!!

I think I just about insulted the entire community on That's ok, I only say what I see. Don't like it, that is your issue!

DeadIIIRed2457d ago

@Eamon kind of agree, but really only the hackers that release sensitive info to the public get ostracized on here. Hackers don't typically stay silent or keep their findings to themselves. Also I'm not buying the whole corporations are evil thing. They're pigs and may have evil people working in them, but they still deliver the products and services you and I use everyday. Good or bad, it's just the way the world is and will be tomorrow.

Eamon2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

They're not evil in the general definition. But they can be immoral. Well, a lot of the business world is immoral. What matters to Sony is their market. They need a stable cycle of consumers who buy the console and carry on to buy the software. A cycle where nobody deviates and does anything they do not approve off such as developing a custom firmware or developing homebrew. All so they can maximise their profits.

Profit maximisation is the issue here.

They aren't bribing judges or have some sort of influence (or at least I hope so) but they are doing their best to enforce laws that do no benefit the consumer. They only aim to benefit themselves. Why? To simply make more money.

This is why it's important that these hackers getting sued get the sufficient legal funding. Because consumer rights are much more important than profit maximisation.

Takoulya2457d ago

That consumer's rights thing is absolute BS. As many people have stated before, if Geohot or all of these hackers had kept their works to their selves, it wouldn't affect anyone at all. But when they release information and Custom Firmware for everyone, a long battle ensues against hacking causing delayed updates that actually enhance your gaming experience. Also, I know the industry is still going strong after piracy, but that doesn't make it right. If everyone started pirating, it's not like it would still have a small impact. Please stop throwing the consumer's rights thing around like a little child saying "It's a free country, I can do what I want!"

Mahr2456d ago

"As many people have stated before, if Geohot or all of these hackers had kept their works to their selves, it wouldn't affect anyone at all."

And instead, when freed from the mighty chains of oppression, geohot and company chose to share their newfound liberty with their fellow man. Because that's what heroes do.

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AhnnQuirajj2457d ago

...Because hackers and cheapskates are the same thing.

ian722457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I agree. There are better things to donate money to than these people.
I just can't see why anyone would give money to this kind of cause. Some people are really stupid, its like they have money to throw away.

Theonik2457d ago

To some people donating to a cause which they believe directly affects them, aka, donating against a corporation which they believe is infringing their consumer rights seems like a more relatable cause than helping strangers in some remote country. Not saying their viewpoint is correct in it's entirety but i think the overall logic is right even though they may be slightly naive.

tdogchristy902457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I agree.

Everytime I hear the term hacker, thief, pot smoker, wiki leaks guy, or any other person using the term donations I find it an oxymoron. The term donation is ment for the red cross, salvation army, ect. Not these "illegals".

Eamon, how do you figure? To give money to someone who is doing something illegal is not a donation in my opinion.

Eamon2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

You, my good Sir, have rightly earned the award of Most Ignorant Retard of March 2011.

tdogchristy90, how do YOU figure? He hasn't been proven that he did something illegal. Same as the wikileaks guy.
That's why you've earned your award.

Kishin2457d ago

pls do me a favour and go fuck yourself Shazz, noob.

Scary692457d ago

What is funny about these morons who donated to this douche bag is that rumor has it he did not use it for legal fees but for a nice vacation spree. Heh

Blacksand12457d ago

People are stupid. U can say you need money to help beat Sony in court and people send it that will be a good scam if someone use it.

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Kamikaze1352457d ago

Maybe I should change careers and live off of donations, lol.

pixelsword2457d ago

The term you are looking for is "politician".

HolyOrangeCows2457d ago

I bow to the master of awesome comments.

"that might cover his lawyers lunch"
"Poor starving lawyer"
Like I said....awesome.

Octo12457d ago

Its fine and all but that $28,000 will be gone in no time.

Lou-Cipher2457d ago

That's one hell of a South American vaction right there ;)

DanSolo2457d ago

Don't be silly.... this one is off to Hawaii! ;)

dktxx22457d ago

Hell, he can just do both. What's the hurry?

Xfanboy2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Wow!!! Thoughs ps3 owners are really supportive!! Great job!!

Im sure he took atleast $900 a built a high end pc for battlefield 3!