Assasin's Creed Preview: Way of the Hasishin gives you the skinny on this promising multi-platform action adventure title.

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ATLRoAcH4082d ago

Except where he says "Altair uses his long sword, short sword, throwing knives and his secret blade (we presume this is tucked up in one of his boots like Crocodile Dundee)".

The secret blade is pretty cool actually as an assassin Altair cuts off his wedding ring finger and through gears and springs and such(old school tech)a secret blade pops out where his finger used to be.Talk about commitment.

joydestroy4082d ago

i did not know that.
thank you.

ATLRoAcH4082d ago

Its the little details like this in Assassin's Creed that made it a "run out and pre-order the limited edition" for me.I can't wait for it.

ASSASSYN 36o4082d ago

I know two ways assassin can be spelled but...assasin.

whitesky4081d ago

old old old old info

not to mention they dont even know wut his secret blade people dont reviews articles before they submit