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Submitted by TheDeftGamer 1779d ago | article

Are DLC's Killing Gaming?

More and more games are being released with the "option" to purchase downloadable content for video games, and developers are cashing in on the extra money pouring in from online transactions from both the Xbox marketplace and Playstation Store. Is this a service that gamers really want? (Culture, Dev, Industry, Tech)

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GodofwarGoty  +   1779d ago
some are and some are making it better i dont know but thats how i see it
iPad  +   1779d ago
DLC should be free no matter how you see it.
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hiredhelp  +   1779d ago
AGREED'' we pay good money this should be content in the game. microsoft started this shit. the devs saw potential money making. its sad very sad that this wont stop now as many gamers go ahead buy it.

give me reasons to enjoy games like to old day's challanges that unlock new level's weapons. ect.

na lets keep them extra maps realese them after a month for a nice price.

by the way how much is $7.99 or £7.99 = by say 2000 cos that like a pritty good example of what these devs make on this content from you guys.
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tacosRcool  +   1779d ago
Free it should be so agreed. That is why I like PC gaming but the PC gaming as I know it is going the way of the dodo and this new consolized PC is making me quite upset. Another reason why I buy GOTY Editions

If they want to constantly release DLC then like the THQ guy, just make the games much cheaper like $30-$40.

Also why don't they ever have true expansions in the games nowdays? It's the little crappy DLC just to take your money away.
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MTEC8  +   1779d ago
What really pisses me off are "DLCs" that are already packed in the disc, when you pay and go download the DLC and the file is only 10kb.....WTF. Just paid 5 bucks for unlocking something I already bought. Overall DLCs are killing gaming, map packs only separate the online community. There are small portions of DLCs that are actually legit, its up to the gamers to decide.
truehunter  +   1779d ago
Agree mainly capcom.

Tho there are some DLC update the game 1st hand as a data. Then again these developer think ahead of time of DLC.
jessupj  +   1779d ago
Personally I think the idea of DLC content can be a good thing, but the execution by many many developers is disgusting. And here in Australia, not surprisingly, we get screwed over again. A $10 piece of DLC from the US PSN store usually costs between $17-$20 on the Australian store.

I would not have a problem if that $15 DLC extended the game by 5-10 hours, but most DLC is just pathetic.

Take a lot of Dragon Age: Origins DLC. The Warden's Keep and Return to Ostaga, both $9 and lasted 1 hour each.

I could easily afford the DLC for all the games I play but I refuse out of principle, so unfortunately I am usually playing an incomplete game thanks to the greed of developers. And it infuriates me when on release day their is already DLC for the game.

Why buy a game on release day when you know later on a re-release of the game will come will all the DLC included for the same price.

But thanks to many people buying DLC it will not stop.

I understand they need to recoup their losses from used game sales, but this is not the answer.
s8anicslayer  +   1779d ago
$15 for 3 maps is absurd! Most DLC is a ripoff and Dev's and publishers know it but don't give a rats ars!
gorebago  +   1779d ago
More is better and none of it is mandatory so I don't understand how it could be "killing" gaming. I game more now than I ever did.
Nate-Dog  +   1779d ago
I think the main prepice of it is though that nowadays it isn't "more", it actually ends up the same amount for the player but with the player spending more. Companies will make a game, and then probably actually take out part of it so they can sell it on later on for extra monies (for example maps in FPSs, missions in RPGs or action/adventures).

It's a bit of a double-edged sword; there can be some good and valuable DLC (such as some of the Mass Effect 2 mission DLCs), and there can be really poor DLC that is clearly an attempt at just gaining a quick buck (such as the Assassins Creed 2 DLC or really any CoD map-pack DLC.
gorebago  +   1779d ago
What kills me is the announced dlc for mk. The new fighters and all that could have easily been released with the game so I do agree.

I learned that sometimes it's good to rush through a game, sell it and buy the game of the year version later with the included dlc.

In regards to map packs, I guess if people put in alot of time with the mp, like I did with both cod:waw amd mw2, then it ends up being worth it. It's $3 per map and you put almost ten hours on it over time.

The assassin's creed missing segments, subsequent dlc release is bs. I never did play those levels.
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Winning  +   1779d ago
If a game I like has worthy DLC, I'm buying it plain and simple. Gaming is my only hobby. It's where my money goes after the bills.

DLC milking you say? I say the more the merrier.
crzyjackbauer  +   1779d ago
my problem is when developers decide to charge for dlc even before the game is not even out yet
example Battlefield 3, Mortal Kombat, MVC3

plan dlc after the relese, see what players want
dont pull random maps or characters from the original game and then sale them one month after the release
Rampaged Death  +   1779d ago
Not at all. It's up to the gamers if they buy the DLC or not.
ThanatosDMC  +   1779d ago
The problem people see is that these contents should have been on the disk rather than take them out to be sold on launch or later in the weeks.

Prime example of DLC milking is Dragon Age 2.
SnakeMustDie  +   1779d ago
You forgot Capcom and their costume locked in-disk DLCs. Not to mention they cut off the beginning and ending of DR2 and sold them as games.
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thebudgetgamer  +   1779d ago
on one hand you have episodes from liberty city (tbogt being my favorite) as an example of great dlc, then you have any cod 15 dollars for three maps witch is less gooder.
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Moerdigan  +   1779d ago
They need to stop trickling out tiny DLC add-ons, like with some games you get a new costume for 3/24 the characters each month over the span of 8 months. That's annoying.

DLC need to look like a big package deal so it feels like an event, instead of a nickel and dime experience.

I kind of lost patience with DLC, especially when those extras come packed in disk with Game-of the-year releases. I'd much rather wait for those if I know they are coming.
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Neko_Mega  +   1779d ago
If DLC was killing gaming, then why do so many people buy DLC?

I rarely buy DLC for some of my games, heck I watch my friend buy the DLC for Fable 3 and it only took us about 8mins to finish it. After that that we both think it was a waste of money.
Jamaicangmr  +   1779d ago
Yes when abused specially when it comes to EA and Activision. I paid $60 for my copy of Hot Pursuit and so far they released about $40 worth of DLC. Now that is complete bullsh!t and i hate when people act like it's ok because its their favourate game.

Call of duty is the perfect example of that. Over priced map packs but hey it's COD so why not, right?

Killzone 3 is the other they released a Map pack DLC like a week after launch.

Gaming needs some sort of governing body that protects us the gamers from the mercy of greedy devs and publishers. Maybe allow devs say 2 dlc per title and cap them off at $8 each.
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Lamarthedancer  +   1779d ago
Capcom is the worst for DLC

They basicaly made people buy the beginning and ending of Dead Rising 2
tommyth3cat  +   1779d ago
Get a job, or don't buy DLC.

I've played plenty of games without DLC and most of the time the only reason I buy DLC is if I really like the game. Just because you don't get a special hat that they saved for DLC isn't going to ruin the experience... and if it does the game was bad to begin with.
LevDog  +   1779d ago
I have a very good job in fact.. But paying 5 bucks for 1 character in MVC3 is just retarded to me.. I find that DLC is over priced and come out way too late after the game is considered boring and old..
Kingdom Come  +   1779d ago
Only when Activision discuss it in depth before the game is released...
Colmshan1990  +   1779d ago
I don't like it, but it isn't killing gaming, which, to me, looks stronger than ever.
DS, Wii, 360, PS3, PSP, PC, AppStore...
7 strong platforms for games, with 5 of those dedicated almost completely to gaming.
Has there been a time with more choice for gamers?
Don't look dead or dying to me.
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coryok  +   1779d ago
when a game is packed with dlc from release i buy the game used later on and see what happens with the dlc. i hate when i buy a game for 60$ pop it in and im running around killing things and then i get to some npc or something that opens up playstation store for me to buy dlc to continue. no thanks, ill have to pass
DEagle-izer  +   1779d ago
It's not if DLC is killing gaming or not, it's how it's being used that ruins it. You got big pubs not giving devs the chance to FULLY FINISH developing a game, and then they end up announcing the rest of the unfinished content as day 1 DLC (CRAPCOM being biggest offender with MvC3).
2K games did that a few days after Bioshock 2 release with Sinclair solutions test pack. The data was already on the disk though, was probrably unfinished. Sega even did that day 1 DLC crap with AVP.
kagon01  +   1779d ago
Paid DLC is making the gaming industry stronger, but at the same time its destroying the gaming experience for many gamers...

Selling incomplete or unfinished games its unacceptable, but the are those who are dumb and compulsive...

What happen when you unlock more features in the game with effort or in an alternative way by using cheat codes that where part in the game? All, that went straight to the toilet...

Now at days you have to pay more to get the rest of the experience...

This generation of gaming its inferior compared to previous ones I experienced...

The games now are mostly a decoration that don't last long and lack value...
TheDuke77  +   1779d ago
I had Dragon Age 2 preordered, then canceled it when I heard one of the Dev's mention there was a pile of DLC planned. I will be waiting for the inevitable "Ultimate Edition". Especially since they dumbed the game down, and it all takes place in one city.
Stewie2k8  +   1779d ago
yup i cancelled too after hearing how dumbed down it was, and i also hate it being set in one place. why make this big awesome map (not just ferelden) if we are going to be in 1 city?
Dogswithguns  +   1779d ago
There are so many DLC I had that never get to use, and now I had to stop buying the DLC. wasting money, also I don't even remember which games I had the DLC for or not.. it's killing my puschase, so yeah the DLC killed it.
Prototype  +   1779d ago
If it's to add a better experience or extended replay then yes I'm for it; but if it's just to "hype" or "Cut corners" because they know die hard fans of a particular series will buy it... *Grabs shotgun*
missioncompleted  +   1779d ago
if maybe once in awhile there would be a free map or xtra game play then I would feel more like DLC adds to the experience. But most times its just a quick buck that arrives well after the game has left my radar on being played. off topic for a second, if you want really good deals on games go to a local pawn shop, then paying 10-15 bucks for dlc is balanced when you payed 10 bucks for the game. thanks for reading off to try to get into a game of homefront.
Rageaholic  +   1779d ago
The sad part is its part of gaming....

I have to say it is part of the Xbox crowd that helped push DLC...

Remember when Quake 3 Team arena came out (pretty much an addon) where they charged almost full price for. This caused an uproar in the community. It was only when Xbox live arcade came out companies realized they can charge for low grade content.... admit it alot of the xbox fans were praising Bejeweled for god sake, which was played on PC for the longest time for free...

Nowa days ou see map packs charged for like 10-15 dollars when they were free on the PC envirnoment.... IM sorry but it just seems that the xbox crowd being so big allowed this... hell part of me thinks DLC purchases are provoked by having lack of content from the get go so the consumer will try and find cheap thrills when spending "little" amounts of money just to justify their console.

This is the same type of opinion I have about xboxlive.... the community has given a message to the companies i is OK to charge for something that was not charged in the past.

Just look at MS live on the PC platform.... the pc gamers know better, hence the reason why steam is doing well and MODS are free to download from the community.
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Moerdigan  +   1779d ago
another problem about DLC is that it's slowly replacing satisfaction out of unlocking content by game performance. Remember when playing a game and beating it unlocked characters, and how good you felt that everything in the game is available to you solely because your effort? now publishers are making you pay to make your game feel "finished".
Magnus  +   1779d ago
Some DLC's are great they breathe new life into a game like extra maps for COD or a new misson for Assassins Creed Brotherhood. But if a DLC adds an extra character or new weapons and thats it then a DLC is pointless and not worth the price.
GodofSackboy  +   1779d ago
Wait, what? COD DLC is known for being the biggest rip off ever...£11 for 3 f**king maps?!?!?11!?!11?!? You actually think that's good??
iliimaster  +   1779d ago
i thought activision was bad until i popped in fable 3..... totally disgusting and a perfect example
BlueEye  +   1779d ago
Sometimes yes, some developers hold back stuff that SHOULD be on the game already when you buy it, but instead they put it on PSN Store/Live store/Steam for 5-15 fucking bucks
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1779d ago
I have no problems with DLC, even though many DLCs are ripoff garbage
but even some of those ripoff garbage DLCs bring some people enjoyment and hours of extra game time.

I prefer the high quality add ons for SP games that I have. ME2 DLC is an example of the type of DLC that I will buy anytime available.

I think that DLC is getting kinda Oouta control, but there are devs that can put out some great DLC that extends the life of my favorite games.

I think that fighting games announcing DLC characters before the game comes out is an example of REALLY LAME DLC tho. I think Devs should wait till their game is out to start making and talking about the DLC atleast.
tweet75  +   1779d ago
if it adds a large amount of quality game content at low prices its a good deal. If its stuff like the horse saddle in oblivion for $5 it will ruin gaming. Crappy DLC will ruin gaming. The add on content should never be over $5. $10 just seems like to much to add on anything to a $60 game.
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LittleBigSackboyPS3  +   1779d ago
Only DLC that should have been in since day one.
Dojan123  +   1779d ago
It has hurt the PC Mods. Before DLC a number of devs put out mod tools. Now the PC community only has a handful of devs putting out mod tools. DLC has hurt the games community life cycle.
outwar6010  +   1779d ago
im pretty sure dragon age 2 answered that
Skynetone  +   1779d ago
dlc should come with a 30 day money back guarantee,

i like some dlc but the vast majority is a scam, actually anything coming from ea / capcom

the cod maps come out, well after the game is out so i dont have a problem with that, will i pay 15 euro for a couple of maps, "no" but ill pick them up if they ever go on sale, the 10 maps what i got for mw2 i hate 8/10 of the maps and the two i like are both from cod4, i only play headquarters, it wont even let me delete those maps i hate,
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