Netherlands's largest home entertainment retailer goes Blu-Ray

Free Record Shop, the Netherlands's largest home entertainment retailer, has announced that they have officially endorsed Blu-ray as the successor to DVD. Since Blu-ray has launched in the Netherlands, it has outsold HD DVD on an average of 4-to-1, showing business owners that the buying public is demanding high definition content, and they want that content on Blu-ray.

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SmokeyMcBear3637d ago

i hear the mart.. or xboxkings.. softly weeping

wil4hire3637d ago

Or will Paramount just decide that 4:1 is good sales? That makes the UK and here in the usa its 4:1

crck3637d ago

At least 18 months. Thats how long the deal is for.

cdzie13637d ago

Here in the USA it’s 3:2 Blu-ray with HD DVD averaging over 40% of all high-def sales for the last 5 weeks. Not my numbers, look at the videoscan data.

EZCheez3637d ago

Blu-Ray is taking over.

Now it's on a worldwide scale.

dfcm20033637d ago

a common thing to read about something like this. Sony really got this one...

Antiomo3637d ago

ITs a bunch of companies working together.

blu FTW

Maddens Raiders3637d ago

the world over. Wonder how much longer it will be before the "consortium" cries uncle?

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The story is too old to be commented.