Tomb Raider Trilogy Screen Shows Detailed Comparison Between PS2/PS3/PC Versions

A new Tomb Raider Trilogy screenshot has appeared which shows a detailed comparison between the PS2, PS3 and PC version of the title.

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user94220772617d ago

I love the fact that Sony is working with developers to bring all these HD collections to the PS3. Makes the reason owning my PS3 seem that little bit more worth it.

SpaceSquirrel2617d ago

I hope Sony can get Capcom, Konami and Square in the act too.

DarkSpawnClone2617d ago

what would be even better is a legend of the dragoon HD remake!! how much do we have to beg and plead Sony :(

Substance1012617d ago

I love the fact that games bought on PC even a decade back can be today played in HD today and that i dont have to rely on some company to upres them for me nor pay they for it.

Played Max payne 2 few months back in 1080p was awesome.

Vojkan2617d ago

Does anyone know when Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell collection is getting released?

kyl2772617d ago

The pc version is slightly better as I feel it isn't as blurry though the PS3 version is still great and miles better than the PS2 version.

I wouldn't care which version out of PC/PS3 I played as they are basically equal.

Vojkan2617d ago

PS3 version has trophies. All I care about in HD collections. I couldn't care less that they are HD. I want them cause of trophies (guilty)- but I don't think I am interested in Tomb Raider to be honest.

news4geeks2617d ago

Tomb Raider Anniversary is a brilliant game, you should definitely get the collection on ps3 if you are into trophies. Personally I'm the oppposite. I'm thinking of buying Anniversary and Underworld on steam because I don't like the psychological effect trophies have on me. Legend is good too but it's more of an arcade style tomb raider.

Vojkan2617d ago

i am not trophy whore. I have a couple of platinum's but I never forcefully replay game just so I can get platinum. I have this "policy", 30% is number I like to stop at. For example KZ2, I think I have 30%. COD games are usually around 30%-40%. I loved AC2 and Brotherhood, but only got around 60%. I don't pressure my self, I know exactly what you mean, but I am my own master. You should have same approach instead of avoiding to play on PS3, it's ridiculous in a way.
I see trophies as proof that I played some game. For example I played some 300 games on PS1, and around 70 on PS2, I would love to have some proof(trophies) that I played those games. Because at this point I don't even remember 80% of those games. That is why I would rather have trophies than not.

news4geeks2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

I agree it's stupid, but it's why I play majority pc games these days. I have Uncharted 1 and 2 and KZ2 platinum and I love those games, but I feel bad if I have random percentages for a game. It's mild OCD and I don't like how it makes me feel. I don't seem to mind pc achievements as much because they are few and far between. I prefer in game achievements because it doesn't feel like you are trying to prove anything to anyone else. I kind of miss playing on ps3 but I don't think I can go back to it unless its for the exclusives. I spent 3 straight hours on the final push to fight Radec at the end of kz2 just to get the elite skill level trophy. I pretty much retired the ps3 trophies after I realised how pathetic I was wasting my time like that. I wasn't enjoying it...

Octo12617d ago

Its a rent for me. I like Tomb Raider but not much to buy the trilogy.All I'd really want this for are the trophies :P

lagoonalight2617d ago

There are some weird times where it seems even the PC version has worse geometry. In a few comps it seems lara's shoulders somehow look better in the PS3 version. Of course the PC is going to be 1080p so.... Whatever. I am getting it as these games have much better exploration than Uncharted does though much worse combat as well.

TheDeadMetalhead2617d ago

The shoulders? The shoulders?! GOOD GOD, NOT THE SHOULDERS, MAN.

tigertron2617d ago

I think the trilogy is a huge improvement over the PS2 versions and I'm glad I rebought the games. However, I'm a bit miffed as to why my Underworld save isn't compatible with the trilogy Underworld, so I have to play the game all over again, not that thats a bad thing of course, but I'd rather just replay levels and keep my unlocks.

Anyway, the trilogy is highly recommended for TR fans who have PS3s.

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