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Submitted by Sev 1708d ago | review

Nintendo 3DS Review [Game Revolution]

It's not just a new platform – it's a whole new dimension. (3DS, Nintendo, Nintendo DS) A-/A+

SpaceSquirrel  +   1708d ago
Amazon shipped my order on Saturday, Can't wait to try out the 3ds.
Sev  +   1708d ago
Yeah? So you should have it tomorrow? That's pretty good.
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s8anicslayer  +   1708d ago
My Amazon order just shipped this morning and I opted for the free supersaver shipping. Hopefully I'll recieve it by mid to late this week and Tuesday I should also recieve the $25 game credit towards my first game purchase via email..can't wait
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BigPete7978  +   1708d ago
I'm still on the fence on whether or not to get the 3DS. I haven't owned a Nintendo handheld since the Game Boy Advance. I have heard there are some great DS games though.
kyl277  +   1708d ago
I will order one when MGS3 and SF3D come out which should be the summer.
stormeagle6  +   1708d ago
Star Fox yes, but I don't think MGS has a release date yet.
stormeagle6  +   1708d ago
Picked mine up at midnight! Going on no sleep...
Koolaye  +   1708d ago
Great review. I was wondering if it was backwards compatible. Bummer about the short battery life though. :/
Volpone  +   1708d ago
Nice review. Once there are some games I want and a price drop, I'm there.
dbjj12088  +   1708d ago
So when do we get Star Fox?
stormeagle6  +   1708d ago
I think it's supposed to be in June, along with Zelda. I also think, coincidentally, that a huge mob of people will be buying the hardware right around then.
doctorstrange  +   1708d ago
Was hoping
For a slightly stronger line-up, but the tech looks great
samurailincoln  +   1708d ago
I need one of these, like NOW!
JonnyBigBoss  +   1708d ago
I don't like the hardware or the price point, but the software doesn't lie. I have a feeling it'll sell very well.

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