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DX11 Patch for Crysis 2 with Enhanced Graphics Menu will come tomorrow

A DirectX 11 update for Crytek´s Ego-Shooter Crysis 2 will come tomorrow. The pc patch includes an enhanced graphics menu. PC Games writes:"Whether this information directly from Crytek or EA come, is not yet known. We will continue to hold on this subject to date." (Crysis 2, PC)

Hard to tell
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Tachyon_Nova  +   1120d ago
Sh*t yes!!
evrfighter  +   1120d ago
i smell april fools
Killzone3___  +   1119d ago
then i hate april >.< , everything now is april joke
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RankFTW  +   1119d ago
The question is still why didn't the game launch with these options?
LightofDarkness  +   1119d ago
Because it's natively DX9, and that's what level of DX the console GPUs were designed around. I'm not going to hold my breath for any great leaps, bar for a sprinkling of tessellation that will make most rigs crawl.
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kevnb  +   1119d ago
a ps3 cant use dx at all... I suppose total war shogun 2 launched without dx11 because of consoles too?
kevnb  +   1119d ago
4 disagrees? lol. If they really wanted to they could of gone dx10/11 like the devs did in just cause 2. But most devs want to still have windows xp users able to buy their games.
but of course, everything has to be about consoles, even if the ps3 doesnt even use directx at all.
x800  +   1120d ago
crytek your the best and plez give us the sandbox 3!
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captain-obvious  +   1119d ago
dose that come free with crysis 2 ???
TABSF  +   1119d ago
Sandbox 3 came with leak version but they seem to have pulled it from the release version.

Also for people that want advanced graphics options just go through this link.

##### Its my comment not the article #####

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Pandamobile  +   1119d ago
Yeah, I'm keeping around the leaked version of the game for a while. The Editor is fun to play with.
SnakeMustDie  +   1119d ago
About time
TheDarkness  +   1119d ago
Yep aprils fools for shure
TheDarkness  +   1119d ago
And wtf with these german Websites Cant find a souce in america?
Andyyy91  +   1119d ago
April fools? April 1st isn't till Friday...
wallis  +   1119d ago
It'll be nice to get sandbox 3 out on the table. It's pretty much up to the modding community to save crysis 2 since crytek figured the best thing they could do with the most powerful graphical engine in existence was to make a linear shooter with repetitive urban environments.

What is it with crytek and only ever doing ONE environment per game? For two games it was jungle and now it's urban. Can they just not be arsed to make more than one set of assets?
DrHouse  +   1119d ago
Crysis 2 is NOT repetitive you are delusional. I played the game and im a hugs fps fan so I no repetitive...il bet its people like you who think cod and killzone are good fps games....
Gran Touring  +   1119d ago
it was, in comparison to the first
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PS360PCROCKS  +   1119d ago
actually I was playing Crysis 2 on PC last night and got bored and switched to KZ3 and enjoyed it much more.
BeastlyRig  +   1119d ago
Im not expecting much! It's a patch not a dx11 game!

Stalker 2 & BF3 can't come soon enough!
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ATiElite  +   1119d ago
You and me both!

Stalker 2 and BF3 are DX11 from the ground up and they will not be dumbed down console ports as both developers have stated over and over again that the PC is the lead platform.

Crysis > Crysis 2
Buljo  +   1119d ago
Wait, what about DX10.1? Only DX9 and DX11 support?
LightofDarkness  +   1119d ago
DX10 doesn't do much that DX9 can't. Yuo may get an extra 2 or 3 fps if certain techniques get DX10 optimization, but it's not like you'll be availing of DX11 style tessellation, which is really the only big visual feature since DX9 (IMO).
bozebo  +   1119d ago
What LightofDarkness said, pretty much.

But DX11 also reduces cpu usage in the API (which can also help sli/xfire systems with weaker cpus) and memory usage in the vram and main memory, which helps speed things up. So it's not just about effects.
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tepkisiz  +   1119d ago
It may come, but not so soon. This news is bogus.
mastershredder  +   1119d ago
It would be odd if there is not DX10 support. There were advantages to 10 over 9 with Crysis (more than frame rate). CryEngine 3 is expandable with 10.1 and 11 extensions. I would imagine if a 11 patch were to hit, a 10 would also be made available as there are plenty of folks that are still on midrange to high end DX10 cards.
St0  +   1119d ago
They probably would've posted this on Crytek's twitter if this was true. I'm taking this with a pinch of salt
therapist  +   1119d ago
DX11 was removed initially to keep the scrubs with emachines from flaming the forums about how thier monster badass pc only gets 20 frames per second(like the console version)

notice only 3 settings,
high which is actuaully = low
very high=medium

this will all change, there will dx11 and a myriad of graphical sliders, they just don't want their sales fu@ked because some moron thinks he should be able to max out every game with a gtx450

crytek did this 100% on purpose
think about all the retards who cried and flamed when crysis 1 launched , plus, the pc version already DECIMATES and DISEMBOWELS the console version so terribly, it makes the console version look like pre-pre alpha code running in sub-hd(which it is) and running at a miserable 20-29 frames per second(which it is). Imagine if the had launched dx11 day one, the have a bunch of "pc gamers" with trash pc's pissed off cause the cannot run the game, and all the console noobs pissed off because their game looks so terrible compared to the pc version (it does anyway, but it would be so much worse, you think console gamers would get used to the pc always, always being the best version)

"my 7600 won't run this game maxed out"-lol

btw, crysis 2 maxed dx9 in extreme(high) in 1080p, easily shits on every game ever made, except, maybe, maybe metro2033 in dx11
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bozebo  +   1119d ago
joke settings if the "scale" was equivalent to the 3 settings they give now:

uber low = maby someone with a beast rig has to do without their £600 gpu for a few days? stick in an old spare one and cant play crysis 2 because the settings are too limited?
low = so er, what if I want permenantly >60fps and don't care about graphics but I don't have a crazy gpu? (don't want to render all that extra detail geometry and un-turn-offable effects/shaders everywhere)
medium = looks like console ver

high = looks ok-ish
very high = looks a tiny bit better
extreme = looks quite nice

? =
? =
? = (looks the same as crysis 1)
? =
? = tessellation kicks in
? =
? = there we go, insane benchmark material again

But yeah nevermind. They need proper options, not just for maxed settings but for lower ones and for balance too. With crysis 1 my pair of 9800GT cards could run warhead at 50 fps minimum with near-enthusiast settings with specific sliders moved down that didn't really effect the quality (1680x1050, obviously AA off, cant remember exactly what settings I used) - however, on every preset mode I was getting dire fps. Everybody's system has different quirks and they should be allowed to tweak IQ to get the best they can out of their system in a way they care about at a frame rate that they like (maby texture quality isn't important to you but fancy lighting is? - Could easily be the other way around, like 360 games :P - Adjusting them will have varied effects on the performance depending on what gpu you have).

It's not like Crysis 2 can't be made to look horrible and run on a worse card? They just don't give the option.

Sticking a new gpu in my system later this year and I want to be able to run crysis 2 looking better than it does maxed out now, which currently lacks some polygonal (need tessellation to improve that) & texture quality.
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tubers  +   1119d ago
News: Pegasus has been found by a boy in New York but has no proof. What an awesome discovery.

Heh.. I wish it'd have DX11 even for performance's sake. Not everyone has top end DX11 cards.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1119d ago
I wish...I want to max out my system!! Oh well at this point i'm just praying BF3 continues it's awesome course til release.
ATiElite  +   1119d ago
Metro 2033 will crush your system. It's the game to get to really push a PC.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1119d ago
I have the demo, I can max that game out at 60+FPS in 1080p :-/ but that's just the demo so i dunno about the full game.
stubbed_out  +   1119d ago
I just hope to god this is true! I've played through a fair chunk of the game (on PC) and I'm loving it, but I feel if Crytek haven't got something drastic in store for the enthusiast rig builders then they've seriously shot themselves in the foot in terms of next level graphical fidelity damn madame that looks real reputation.

The graphics on the PC version, although very nice and clear just lack so much detail in so many things. Just look at the bloody ivy on the brick walls etc, just lacking. And where the hell has the physics engine gone!? Can't move those stand up lights? Can't shoot trees or take chunks out of the environment, fuck, its a city, you would think Crytek would make all the cement surrounding you at least slightly destructible, I'm not talking Red Faction, but just a bit more urban carnage atmosphere would be nice.

Anyway, great game, graphically and physically its a step down from its predecessor for me. Make my PC grind you fuckers! You're bloody Crytek!

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