MDK2 WiiWare Approved For Release

That Gaming Site writes: "MDK2 WiiWare approved, currently waiting for release. MDK2 HD still in development."

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christheredhead2617d ago

mdk2 is such an awesome game. still have it and play it on my dreamcast. i had no idea they were putting together an hd remake or even wiiware for that matter. pretty stoked to hear that.

kungfuian2617d ago

Even back then Bioware was making kick ass games. MDK2 is an amazing game. Can't wait to see the HD remake (please up character poly counts!). MDK3?

zero_cool2617d ago

mdk is made by interplay just so you know!

kungfuian2617d ago

mdk2 was made by bioware

Elven62617d ago

MDK was made by Interplay via their Shiny studio. MDK2 was made by BioWare but still published by Interplay (I assume they had some sort of a development role as well as do most publisher/developer relations).

Coincidently, Beamdog was started by ex BioWare devs, specifically the cofounder/MDK2 team! The ex MDK team from Shiny founded a studio called Planet Moon but they've been going through some major layoffs recently. :(

Kon2617d ago

Damn, i never heard of that game.

despair2617d ago

MDK2 FTW. Damn I need to scavenge for my copy of that game, hope its around somewhere.

Solidus187-SCMilk2617d ago

Its really a crazy game. Using the slow mo code with Max, the dog, and his 4 guns is awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.