SquareGo: Is Grand Theft Auto even relevant anymore?

SquareGo writes:

"It was just the other day, as I finished Liberty City Stories, that I had an epiphany. Since GTA was released in 1997, narratively speaking, we've pretty much been playing exactly the same game time and time again."

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Wenis2454d ago

Of course its still relevant, however nowadays it has a lot more competition than it did back in the PS2 days, mainly being Saints Row, Just Cause, etc. who've both showed that non GTA open world games can be hella fun too.

Blad3star2454d ago

It still is and it will continue to sell million just with the name alone.

I bought into the hype and oF GTA 4 and learned my lesson. Going to wait until the game hits the bargain bin.

vsr2454d ago

Relevant (If san andrias type)

Winning2454d ago

You fuckin kiddin me? GTA is a juggernaut franchise.

FinalSpartan2454d ago

yeah dunno what this retard of author is thinking.

JohnnyMann4202454d ago

Agreed, the author is stupid as hell. Horrible question and I wonder how many gamers would say yes to that question. Nobody I know would answer yes let alone ask that question.

DragonWarrior2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

GTA hasn't been relevant to me since San Andreas. Now its all about the Row. BTW, GTA4 and RDR physics was horrbile, i dont care what any of you have to say bout that.

Echo3072454d ago

"i dont care what any of you have to say bout that."

Which means you DO care, otherwise you wouldn't have taken the time to say it.

DragonWarrior2454d ago

Just saying you cant change my mind Echo. Anything you guys say just shows me how full of crap you guys really are.

Raul_72454d ago

GTA is on the few games that makes me truly happy and excited like a young kid, that is including GTA IV.

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Ahasverus2454d ago

WTF? GTA is VIDEOGAMES, you don't feel it because there are no announcements, wait 'til it's coming and the whole world will be turned under its feet, GTA is the most important franchise, that important, that even in dormant state it has the media talking and wishing about it.

evrfighter2454d ago

that kind of coverage goes to half life 3.

ANIALATOR1362454d ago

only PC gamers care about half life episode 3. Everyone cares about GTA

LOGICWINS2454d ago

"Is Grand Theft Auto even relevant anymore?"

Are you joking? Have you no idea of what GTA has done to mainstream gaming?

Balt 2454d ago

I've never beat a single one. In fact, I think they kind of suck.

JohnnyMann4202454d ago

No wonder you have 20 disagrees and one bubble.

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The story is too old to be commented.