EA Announces Holiday Line-Up

Electronic Arts announced today its 2007 holiday line up, which includes several Xbox 360 titles. Enclosed is the press release with the announcement and the list of games with their price, release date and ESRB rating.

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wil4hire4089d ago

I love skates multiplayer. So fluid. EA stands for "E- [NO QUALITY CONTROL.] -A"

BloodySinner4089d ago

When it comes to the PS3, yes they do stand for that.

BloodySinner4089d ago

Err... I own one? So I should know?

360_Rules4089d ago

Don't blame EA because the PS3 sucks!

wil4hire4089d ago

EA releases half-ass ports. I was specifically talking about the MULTIPLAYER. Read any review and PLAY any SKATE on the 360. You will see that its a problem.

Seraphim4088d ago

regardless of console or platform EA does in fact stand for No Quality Control. Their games have been lackluster and buggy for years. But you can't blame EA. Blame the gamers who continue to suck this crap up in record breaking/banking numbers. Or wait, can't we blame both? I think we can. As gamers we shouldn't be supporting this crap. As developers they should have better steps, spend more time/money to ensure quality. So yeah, I think blaming EA and the consumers is a very suffice solution.

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razer4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

I will be playing Burnout Paradise, Army of Two, The Orange Box, Simpsons and Crysis while your doing that..

I really think all PS3 people should stand up and say "ENOUGH!" and ban them. Maybe start a petition?

nobizlikesnowbiz4089d ago

Don't support one of the largest game publishers, so that your console has an even lower attach rate, convincing dev's to halt Ps3 game developement altogether.


Jk. That would be stupid. Ps3 gamers, your not going to really boycott EA are you?!

Lightning Mr Bubbles4089d ago

Are people stupid or something? I don't see one EA game that is XBOX exclusive.

So why the article even mentiones XBOX 360 is stupid. Everything is multi platform.

jcgamer4089d ago

for that price, it better be...and SKATE is the suprise of the, fun, fun...

MyNameIsNotRick4089d ago

Skate rules. I haven't played anything else (excep Halo) since it came out. If anyone wants to skate online my xbox live accouts is the same as my username here (MyNameIsNotRick). Also been playing Halo Multiplayer so look me up for that also. I need some xbl friends for these games. I mostly play evenings after about 9:30 (Indiana).

Maddens Raiders4089d ago

the only thing missing is toilet paper.

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The story is too old to be commented.