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"Its official. Crysis 2 is the best looking game on Xbox 360 and it will leave you speechless with the eye candy, spectacle’s of a very torn New York, and very engrossing story. Crysis began on the PC with the mind blowing visuals which got people talking instantly about it being the best FPS ever. Crysis 2 uses the beautiful, powerhouse Cryengine3, which will easily please the masses."

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BK-2012455d ago

"Crysis began on the PC with the mind blowing visuals which got people talking instantly about it being the best FPS ever."

WTF? The majority of PC gamers I know thought the game was fairly mediocre, they all got it for benchmarking like I did really.

kramun2455d ago

No, most pc gamers thought the game was great. The minority had your view.

plb2455d ago

I think it is good although somewhat buggy and lacks PC settings but good game still overall

hoops2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

It was console only gamers that said Crysis 1 was mediocre because it was not linear like most console FPS games they are use to.

starchild2455d ago

BK-201 isn't a PC gamer, he is a PS3 fanboy that just happens to own a PC. Probably a weak PC, maybe a laptop or a 6 year-old graphics card.

Most PC gamers I know, including most of the PC gamers that frequent N4G, thought Crysis 1 was a really good game. Pandamobile, hoops, and many others have expressed such opinions. I personally loved Crysis, so please don't act like you speak for PC gamers. Go back to overhyping the PS3 and downplaying other consoles like you usually do.

BK-2012454d ago

@starchild I have a 5870 with an i7 processor and have been PC gaming for a decade so don't give me any of that crap. I love my PS3/PC combo because I get awesome exclusives and the best versions of multiplats and if you can't handle that then fuck off.

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Queefy_B2455d ago

Congrats xbox 360 owners this is thye best looking game on your system i hope you all enjoy it.

Daoshai2454d ago

best looking game on my ps3 too ;)
but I don't play graphics, I play games.

ian722455d ago

I want this game, but am skint 'till next Friday. I will definately be getting it then.
All the video's etc I have seen so far with gameplay in them show Crysis 2 to be quite good.
Can't wait to play it.

s8anicslayer2455d ago

It's a great game, the whole atmosphere is superb!

CernaML2455d ago

The game is pretty amazing... on PC. :P

RAmar1012455d ago

I've got it on ps3 its quite good I recomend it but don't expect it to be some kind of god send ppl are claiming

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