Amanita Design unveil Samorost 3 and others | Creators of Machinarium, Amanita Design, have unveiled a trio of new projects.

Point-and-click adventures Samorost 3 and Botanicula (pictured), and interactive music video Osada.

The announcements were made by the Czech studio’s founder and game designer, Jakub Dvorský, at GameCityNights in Nottingham.

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kesvalk2617d ago

isn't the name "samofrost"?

my sister just loves this series, and machinarium too

AnttiApina2617d ago

Pretty sure it's Samorost.

I can hardly wait for the 3rd game!

kramun2617d ago

The Samorost games and Machinarium were great. I'll be interested in anything else they make, especially Samorost 3.