The Orange Box Overtakes Halo 3 on Gamefly List

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested list:

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4084d ago

First FIFA in Europe? Now this?

toughNAME4084d ago

5 million copies...less than 2 weeks much has the PS3 one year?

oohWii4083d ago

Man since you're such a Sony Fanturd and along with may others are relentlessly hating on Halo 3 I became very curious as to why you guys hated Halo 3 so much.

So, I went to VGCHARTS and did some research (Since most Sony fans believe vgcharts just as much as they believe Sony)

Here is what I found. And because of this I now know why you and many other sony fans hate Halo3.

During the week of halo3's release in the US alone halo outsold EVERY single ps3 software titles in the top 150 combined by more than 2.4 million copies. NOW THAT'S INCREDIBLE!

I listed below the numbers that I pulled from Vgcharts for that week. Please verify them if you need to.

PS3 - Titles combined
32,890 HS
29,154 Skate
22,532 Motorstorm
18,832 Warhawk
15,532 Madden 08
11,143 Dirt
7,445 GRAW2
7,400 Stuntman
6,410 World Series Poker
6,147 RFOM
6,089 Lair
5,738 TW 2008
5,340 Rainbow 6 Vegas
4,912 Carbon
4,905 NHL 08
4,437 Sigma
3,905 Gundam
3,209 Oblivion
196,020 Total

Halo3 - 2,634,108

that's a difference of +2,438,088 for halo3

You can continue on hating on halo3 now, because I fully understand and no longer blame you for you jealousy. Disagree if you want, but the proof is in the pudding!

I'm sure my bubbles are history now, because that's what you guys do when you are hit with solid facts. Neutral folks out there, haha I'm gonna need some bubble support after this. I did it because it needed to be said.

Thanks in advance.

jessupj4083d ago

You have a point, but you're talking about a game that has been hyped up to all hell that has just been released. Of course high profile games are going to sell thousands in release week, or is halo 3's case millions.

Comparing say, the weeks release of MGS: GotP and halo would have a more solid arguement. Even though I believe MGS is a better game, halo 3 is still mostly likely going to sell more. What has this world become...

oohWii4083d ago

You make an excellent point, but you know what, I really didn't do it as a true comparison. It's a no brainer that a title as big as halo would sell the way it did. I guess there were two points that I was really trying to make there.

One being, people are just hating on halo just to be hating. I have never seen a game sell this well and can't even get it props from fanboys from the other side simply because of hate. Even if the game isn't as good as teh hype, it's still a title with scores ranging from 8.5 - 10. Yet fanboys continue to say it sucks, and it's garbage, and oooh it got beat by orange box, etc. The game is a good game and doesn't deserve to be bashed the way it is by sony fans.

My second point was simple, the reason halo is doing so well is because it is truly supported by it console's users or it's supporters. Where as it appears that PS3 fans buy more blu-ray movies that actual video games. HS is a great title and they constantly brag about it, yet looking at the sales figures with the exception of RFOM and MOTORSTORM, I don't think any other PS3 title has sold 1 million copies world wide. Where as the 360 has 24 titles that fit that category. I mean the numbers don't lie.

These people talk a lot of smack, but they are not spending any money. to support their console, I agree with the old saying "Talk is Cheap" and in there case, very cheap. I know some are buy games, but most aren't.

Guy, like lightning, Nasim, Secret, and a couple other never let up on bashing the 360 and or halo3. I mean what gives. Give it a rest dudes.

Vavoom4083d ago

You make an excellent point there my friend. Bubbles for being a straight shooter.

THX71684083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

"Here is what I found. And because of this I now know why you and many other sony fans hate Halo3."

I'm not a Sony fan and I hate Halo 3. The entire Halo series is extremely over hyped. I'm pretty sure it's mostly played by conformist prepubescent teens. It only became popular because it was the first game to introduce online console gaming.

Anyone who wants to play a REAL high quality game should play Half-Life 2. It is leaps and bounds better than all 3 Halo games put together.

Note: To be fair, I have not played Halo 3. I played the first two and never enjoyed them. From what I've read though Halo 3 is pretty much the same as the second.

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ATLRoAcH4084d ago

And I would say Halo 3 is a buyer not a renter.You can't ignore its sells
I'd say everybody bought it.

Mikey_Gee4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

... but ... Orange box will be no means be a SNUFF in the big picture. Not saying you (since you are not saying it), but FAR TO MANY are getting uptight when folks express that they may actually like Orange Box MORE than Halo3.

I have H3 (and loving it .. FORGE ROCKS) but look even more forward to Orange Box this week. ALWAYS been a Half Life fan !! The success of that game CANNOT be denied.

As is said, this is not aimed at you, just adding my two cents to your comment which I agree with.

power of Green 4084d ago

You should hang out with #2 maybe some of his brains will rub off on you.

No one expects a shooter to compete with Football.

Theo11304084d ago

It sucks to see Orange Box that high, it has 5 games, and it's valve.

harpua4084d ago

I think people are waking up to the reality that Halo 3 is a good but not great game.

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