Everyday Shooter Blasts This Week's PSN Update

Everyday Shooter will be released this Thursday on the PlayStation Store. The downloadable game is reminiscent of Geometry Wars with guitar underscoring, chained combo attacks and funky visuals.

The title will be available for $10, and will feature unique musical selections for each stage.

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lil Titan4086d ago

it looks intersting what i cant wait 4 is when they compare this game to xbox360 geometry wars saying its not better than that (ever notice game site & mags love to compare things on an uneven level)

Marceles4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Super Stardust already took the crown away from Geometry Wars, thats why the comparisons stopped on a dime...but yeah i cant wait for this too.

btkadams4086d ago

im excited for this one. i really want ign to review it before the store update cuz i know if they dont ill buy it regardless. i hope it doesnt disappoint

EZCheez4086d ago

Shaping up to be another great update. I will be buying this one. I know the Conan demo is probably coming this week. Can anyone else think of others that might be coming?

Barreldragon004086d ago

RC:TOD is coming out this week

Marceles4086d ago

HAS to come out this week. Sony's been really good with demos as of late so I trust they'll come through.

DrPirate4086d ago

First day purchase confirmed.

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The story is too old to be commented.