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Warhawk 2 is Under Development

Our Editor manged to get a hands-on Warhawk 2 at SCEA secret event for an unannounced game for a selected players who played the first game and he fortunately knows a guy who have been selected to the event , obviously there was no camera allowed but we obtain some information.

*The Game will feature a story mode.
*The game will support Co-op.
*Initially the game will support 32 players on the network
*Multi-player will feature 25 maps.
*The game will feature a military vehicles such as tanks, motorcycles, air-crafts and other vehicles.
*You can build bunkers for your self but are subject to destruction by enemies.
*Improvements for the combat system and camera angles.
*The Graphics is better than the previous Warhawk. (Dev, PS3, Starhawk, Warhawk 2)

Credit url: ng4a.com
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BK-201  +   1706d ago
OMG if this is real its a dream come true and holy shit 25 maps!!!
Coheno  +   1706d ago
Never got around to playing the first one, just the demo, but can't wait for this!
malamdra  +   1706d ago
so is it happening in space or not then?

I don't see tanks in space though
tehpees3  +   1706d ago
CO-OP! Freaking co-op! And more advanced online! Sony just keep giving.
cLiCK_sLiCK9  +   1706d ago
I dont care what anyone says...but Warhawk is the best online game "EVER" (period)
DarkSpawnClone  +   1706d ago
well malamdra if you read the article you would of seen this,hell you don't even need to click read full story,is it so hard to read ? XD

"The game will contain the spacecraft and military vehicles such as tanks, motorcycles, aircraft and other vehicles"

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nix  +   1706d ago
the 32 players was just mayhem... i got totally owned in the beginning but... it really was amazing! can't wait for W2!!!
Biggest  +   1706d ago
One of the few games that allow for multiple players online from a single console. I love WarHawk and will be getting WarHawk 2 the second it is available.
Zydake  +   1706d ago
its ps3 exclusive so I bet move support.
Zydake  +   1706d ago
I just remembered when I used to play warhawk :D I used to put land mines all over my car and Kamikazi lol
RedDead  +   1706d ago
The demo wsa fu**ing awesome, I played it for about 15 hours total now. This is a day 1 for me
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ELite_Ghost  +   1706d ago
hopefully not 25 layouts...
ThanatosDMC  +   1706d ago
Yeah, hopefully. I hope each actual map isnt divided to 5-6 layouts.
sikbeta  +   1706d ago

*The Game will feature a story mode.
*The game will support Co-op
* You can build bunkers for your self but are subject to destruction by enemies.
*Improvements for the combat system and camera angles.

fr0sty  +   1706d ago
One of the most underrated games of the generation. Warhawk is amazing, and I still play it to this day.
MastaMold  +   1706d ago
Hope this is true but of course waiting for Sony to release info
JUDALATION  +   1706d ago
One of the most underrated games of the generation.
princejb134  +   1706d ago
the first one was awesome loved it
Jio  +   1706d ago
I'm still playing the original Warhawk, Can't wait for new Warhawk!
Maddens Raiders  +   1706d ago
"Warhawk 2 is Under Development" -
Darth_Bane79  +   1705d ago
I just crapped a cinder block- sized turd..
gravemaker  +   1706d ago
never properly played original, might give sequel a chance
Batzi  +   1706d ago
Now that's one game I'm looking forward to the most!
Wizziokid  +   1706d ago
if this is real... FU*K YEAH!!

Warhawk was the first game I played on PS3 and it was a blast, wouldn't pass on a second one.

story sounds interesting, personally I don't think the game needs it but if true, lets see where they go with it.
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SLEDGE  +   1706d ago
Warhawk was one of the first games that I got trophys from, had a blast collecting "Some" of them.
Wouldnt mind seeing an updated version of that game :)
Ultraplayerxp  +   1706d ago
Geez guys what is with the disagrees?

I thought some of you would know where the pic came* from.


Really really psyched about this, if you didn't catch what I was intending.
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macky301  +   1706d ago
jizz in his pants guy,..lol
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1706d ago
So then it's not called Starhawk? Who made up that name anyway?
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AK46  +   1706d ago
I believe Sony Patent the name Starhawk.
slugboss  +   1706d ago
But I want to warhawk... in space. In the style of super mario galaxy. And revive Factor 5 from the dead to make the campaign.

Miracles never happen in gaming. :(
Scottyabanks  +   1706d ago
This would be Jesus.
KING85  +   1706d ago
Warhaqk was one of the first titles I bought as well and I did have fun also. If this is true I will definitely give the sequel a go. Nice to bear there maybe a singleplayer campaign.
vickers500  +   1706d ago
Warhawk really doesn't need a sp campaign, it's a primarily multiplayer game, but if it is going to have a campaign, hopefully they can throw something decent together without detracting from Warhawks amazing mp mode. Co-op may help in that respect though, so I'm not too worried, I just hope mp remains their primary focus.

And like someone mentioned here earlier, I really hope they actually mean 25 maps and not 25 layouts.

Warhawk is definitely one of my top 5 favorite multiplayer games, so I hope it stays true to its first ps3 release.
guigsy  +   1706d ago
Warhawk was and still is the best online PS3 game for me, lots of fun. Surprised it's taken this long to develop a sequel.
brew  +   1706d ago
Count me in day one!
Prcko  +   1706d ago
OMG DAY 111111¨¨¨!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1706d ago
Youre gonna wait One hundred eleven thousand one hundred and eleven days to get this? lol jk
brew  +   1706d ago
If my math is correct , he won't be there until at least 312 years from release , lol. Keep those servers up Sony!
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otacon68  +   1706d ago
I say bring it on! And dont forget online splitscreen!
DanSolo  +   1706d ago
So is it going to be Starhawk or Warhawk?

Just curious as I didn't bother with the first game but I am interested in seeing what this one turns out like as I may get in on it this time round!
Nykamari  +   1706d ago
WarHawk was my favorite multiplayer game, until MAG came out. I still play every now and then! If the could add more players that would be awesome! 16 v 16 was crazy in this game, but I would like to see 32 v 32! That would be hell of fun!
VelvetHammer  +   1706d ago
Thats awesome cant wait for it. But seriously I rather of been surprised by E3 then some rumor mill. I hate the media these days can't keep a secret worth the life of them.
BlueRevolvuR  +   1706d ago
If true, I'll be hooked on this for a while. I've played Warhawk for nearly 3 years before stopping. I hope this will be as good if not better
brew  +   1706d ago
Will this be hardcore? I'm almost 40 and I grew up on Halo.
GodofSackboy  +   1706d ago
Halo wasnt around in the '70s -_-

but if you're looking for one of the most addictive, fun and feature rich games, then warhawk 2 is for you
koston3647  +   1706d ago
boom roasted.
plb  +   1706d ago
What? Halo would have come out when you were around 30 lol. I'm 31 and grew up on caleco vision/NES/SNES/Genesis/PS1 etc.
iceman06  +   1705d ago
He only grew up just in the last 10 years! LOL I'm with you on that list...adding to it the original Atari and the home version of Pong that I got at some garage sale. But, the Commodore 128 was where I really got hooked.
khamvongsa09  +   1706d ago
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! First thing I bought on the PS Store. Bought all the maps for it too! Loved this game so much! Can't wait until I can pick up vehicles with the gun ship again and get into intense dog fights!
Calvin_D   1706d ago | Spam
n4gisatroll  +   1706d ago
I have a feeling it's not going to sell nearly as much as the first one did. When the ps3 came out it was a launch title so obviously people were going to buy warhawk. But now at this time in the ps3's lifecycle I feel as it has wayyyy too much competition. I dunno. I did get warhawk and played it for awhile, way after it came out. Probably around 2009, so maybe that's why I'm not ad excited as I should be?
FunAndGun  +   1706d ago
I think it is the other way around. I think it is going to be HUGE and very popular. The first game was so damn solid, there was just so much to do and so many ways to kill your opponent.

With the dedicated community and lots of positive feedback from the first game, Warhawk 2/Starhawk is going to be BIG.
unrealgamer58  +   1706d ago
Who do i have to kill to be in the beta?

Do I have to kill the person reading this comment? Because I will
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btk  +   1706d ago
Warhawk is a great game. One of my favorites. Great to see another iteration of this game. Day 1 for me.
danielle007  +   1706d ago
This sounds amaazingg.
DarkSpawnClone  +   1706d ago
WOW!!this this is great!! Warhawk 2,Twisted Metal,Uncharted 3 are all the ps3 exclusives I need on my ps3 this year,then some great multiplats like BF3,Duke Nukem,Elderscrolls.. oh man this is the best year i have ever seen for games imo i know a lot of people says this every year but its true,it just keeps getting better and better! ...and motorcycles!?!?

"The game will contain the spacecraft and military vehicles such as tanks, motorcycles, aircraft and other vehicles"

Hell yes!!! but i don't want to wait until 2012 D:
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Deeloc  +   1706d ago
about f**king time
Ryutamashiisan  +   1706d ago
*faints* day 1 pre-order! xD
Luftwaffles  +   1706d ago
Finally a shooter worth my money.
telekineticmantis  +   1706d ago
My sentiments exactly
Sony has been failing recently, in the shooter feild IMO, even though I should give socom a chance before I pass judgement. If they bring extractionm escort and a few other features back to socom, and what I hear about Warhawk 2 is true, these will be the shooters to end all shooters for me. I still hope it's in space though.

My only question is what do they mean by build a bunker, can players do that anywhere they are standing to protect them from warhawks. and tanks etc... sounds interesting.
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BoNeSaW23  +   1706d ago
I'm so down for Warhawk 2! Now, give me some screens of epicness!
XabiTheHumble  +   1706d ago
YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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