Report: Best Buy Sells Most Blu-ray, HD DVD Titles

According to the NPD group, Best Buy is America's high-def disc leader, well ahead of both Wal-Mart and The top five hi-def retailers are:

1. Best Buy
2. Amazon
3. Wal-Mart
4. Circuit City
5. Target

NPD declined to report specific unit sales shares for each retailer but noted that Best Buy is far in front and outselling other outlets by "a wide margin."

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Jdash244086d ago

thats true, whenever i cant find a movie on blu ray, i just pop into best buy and its there on the shelf

akaFullMetal4086d ago

yea well i guess this shows where you can get your hd movies

mighty_douche4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

blu-ray came first lol

edit: who ever disagreed, it was a JOKE. remember what one of them is?

cdzie14086d ago

Company 1 though 4 supports both formats equally, while Target (which took bribes to support Blu-ray) is stuck in 5th place! I bet they can’t wait until their contract with Sony is up to start selling HD DVD players and more software.

xplosneer4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

TOP 5. Which means there are probably hundreds more....
Top 5 out of all of them is quite an honor.

Back on: I agree, Best Buy is usually where I go to get my movies, they just seem to have the best selection.

SiLeNt KNighT4086d ago

what are you talking about, target sells hd dvds just not the players. this is sales in software not hardware. typical 360 fangirl, learn to read.

its not like target was the dominating leader before anyways. where do people come up with some of these comments?? ehh, at least you guys make me laugh at the loyal stupidity.

Fisher3394086d ago

Best Buy and circuit city, are heavily based on electronics.
Walmart and Amazon are bigger than Target. Ie more stores/more inventory.

Nice try to spin the facts.

Covenant4086d ago

"...Target (which took bribes to support Blu-ray)"


You won't find me defending Sony and their force-it-down-your-throat proprietary formats very often, but do you have proof of alleged payments to Target?

Sony payed radio stations to support their music (as have others; for reference, Google "Sony" and "payola"), and there's proof of that. But paying Target for BR?

Provide proof, please.


Pretty funny that the so-called bribed BD exclusive Target made it to 5th between hundreds of retailers, selling only one format! Amazing, don't you think?

And who told you that this "good margin" of lead that Best Buy have, has that much to do with HD-DVD? Pretty obvious, they earn more selling two formats, but even you fangirl know that they just sell more software in BD, just like every other place.

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