Joystiq hands-on: Medal of Honor Heroes 2

The Medal of Honor Heroes series is an intriguing one. Opting to avoid "next gen systems," the franchise has stuck to the decidedly non-HD pastures of Wii and PSP. Both platforms have struggled to find many great FPS games, due to the control challenges inherent to each system. However, Heroes 2 triumphs over these shortcomings by tailoring the experience to the unique control schemes of these systems.

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MyNutsYourChin3760d ago

Finally some online play to bring me back to the good ole days of Day of Defeat style gaming... I'm looking forward to getting this.

BrotherNick3759d ago

haha, you should think about getting DOD source, I plays it all the time, and only 10 buckaroos.

cooke153759d ago

Lol this has twice as many players than Halo 3 does :P

ChickeyCantor3759d ago


yeah its shame though that Halo doesnt support that much.
when playing halo 2 i was asking my self why it didnt had more players support.

hope this game is good though.

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