Capcom plans for their biggest E3 yet. Street Fighter 5 in 2012?

From PGN: "Capcom has been getting a good amount of attention in the gaming world lately, including the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition which is already getting positive scores, the recently unveiled Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City coming out of nowhere and surprising everyone, and strong Marvel vs. Capcom 3 sales. Excitement within!"

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Dart892793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Won't it be street fighter 3rd strike As to what they were referring??

Edit:To the author you should have asked if we could get a next generation mega man x.

nfourgtoday2793d ago

i think they are already said that about the port to xbla and psn. i do want to know about tekken x street fighter though

FACTUAL evidence2793d ago

If SFV have more of those redundant combo challenges for trophies I'm going to capcom studios.............with a GUN.

come_at_me_bro2793d ago

Um.. why? Some people find them legitimately useful. The fact that there are trophies for completing them really bothers you that much? Really?

jetlian2793d ago

agree! makes perfecting a game hard. i'm not getting anywhere near 320 on mvsc3. Shooo l nearly didn't get to 160.

DolfZigglers2793d ago

I REALLY want to learn more about RE. By far my favorite series but the magnitude of SF5 would be more important to the overall industry because Capcom knows how to count now. =)

Sun_e2793d ago

That would be great! Cant wait!

Kamikaze1352793d ago

I kind of don't want to see Street Fighter V will the two Street Fighter and Tekken games are out and over with at least. Announcing Street Fighter V will make the series grow stale sooner than later with Super Street Fighter IV released not that long ago, the 3DS version out, and those two other games I mentioned as well still to be released.

It's just too much Street I'm sure they'll release an Arcade Edition on consoles =|

play17boy2793d ago

I couldn't have said it any better myself, it's way too soon. If Capcom does a SFV so soon it would be a shameless milking of the franchise.

lizard812882792d ago

yeah, i'd rather see mvc3ds or a new darkstalkers game.

sf4 is still new-ish. plus ssf4 is coming out on the 3ds. way too soon

draz12262793d ago

Can't wait for RE! It would be interesting to see what Capcom does with SF5 too.

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The story is too old to be commented.