Toyota To Release Free Yaris Game On Live Arcade This Wednesday

Hop into a Toyota Yaris and drive it on crazy tracks loaded with stubborn obstacles, cool powerups, and intense enemy action. The relentlessly twisted courses in Yaris might have loops or even be tube-shaped, but the Yaris never has to worry about sliding off track, as it defies gravity by scaling side-walls and going all topsy-turvy. Equip your Yaris with an arsenal of weapons to take out your adversaries, but be careful to avoid enemy fire, because once your shields are depleted, so is the game.

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dantesparda4056d ago

Funny, but i actually like this idea too, and i normally dont care about XBLA games. But i like Toyota (and Honda)(the most reliable cars in the world!), and almost feel like supporting them (almost, lol!)