Can your PC run The Witcher 2? System Requirements Revealed

"The Witcher 2 is just two months away from its official release and for those who are wondering what the system requirements are, we got you covered." - JPS

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ShadyDevil2618d ago

This game looks sick but I am getting it for consoles though.

MightyMark4272618d ago

I'll most likely get it on the console as well. It just feels weird playing a RPG on the PC

I_find_it_funny2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

it's coming to consoles 100% but a bit later, don't have gaming PC and not getting one anytime soon, so yea :)

PC version will be better? I couldn't care less

I still don't know what original game is about, I tried playing Witcher1 on my laptop but it was a mistake lol

tepkisiz2618d ago

You may wait months for the console version, which will not be as good as the PC version.
The game is being designed PC-only right now, which means they will have to start over for console versions, which never is a good thing for quality and development time..

RedDead2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

Could be over a year for the Console version... Do you guys really wanna wait, also, feels weird playing an RPG on a pc? I take it you never played a RPG on Pc then...

Wow they are fu**ing quality specs. All I need is a GPU to Recommend it. 260 is €120 these days

il-mouzer2618d ago


wow this has to be one of the most retarded posts I have ever seen on N4G, good job kid

BeastlyRig2618d ago

you do know pc is an rpg platform do you? Fps feels even weirder on console! It's so limiting!

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eggbert2618d ago

implying its not PC exclusive...

Winning2618d ago

Has it been confirmed for consoles? I just don't have the knowledge or money to build a rig.

il-mouzer2618d ago


no, but CD Projekt themselves said it is a "possibility", now it maybe a port or whatever but I'd suggest you get it on the PC.

you'll miss on the mods and sdk tools which CD projekt will surely bring forward to the pc platform

egidem2618d ago




BeastlyRig2618d ago

If it comes to console!! I wish u good luck!! as long as PC version looks like a pc version should Im fine with that!!

lelo2play2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

OH boy... i'm just waiting for my GTX560 to arrive next week, to join it with my quad core. It will make Witcher 2 dance when it launches.

... wait... few... more... days... to play Crysis 2 PC.

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jbl3162618d ago

Not sure if my fossil PC could handle this lol.

Queefy_B2618d ago

I dont need to see the requirments i know it can but is it out on consoles? not a very console from what i remember of part 1 but i guess it will be now :/

Motorola2618d ago

Whats an ATI equivalent of a Nvidia 8800?

zaz122618d ago

something like hd3000

tepkisiz2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

HD 3870 or 4830

Bear_Grylls2618d ago

now way the 4xxx series.

High end 3xxx more like it.

ATiElite2618d ago

Good question. ATi HD 3870 is about equal to a 8800gt.

I hope your not looking to go out and buy one because these cards are like 5 years and perform the same as a console or slightly better.

if you wanna know if your PC can run a game, go here.


You can get a nice DX11 card for under $100 if your on a tight budget.

Ice2ms2618d ago

Yay my laptop can run it, day 1 buy PC, like its supposed to be played

zaz122618d ago

it is only on pc though

Ice2ms2618d ago

more than likely timed exclusive for PC

Pandamobile2618d ago

It's not a timed exclusive. It's a PC exclusive that will likely have console ports in the future.

I've never heard anyone refer to Half-Life 2 as a "timed exclusive".

Ice2ms2618d ago

Its the same thing ...
Timed exclusive - A game that is available on a certain platform (This case PC) and will be ported to other platforms after an elapsed time has passed.

Consider yourself educated.

evrfighter2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

Timed exclusives are 100% percent confirmed. It's likely to be coming to consoles is not 100%. Pc exclusive until then.


Organization XII2618d ago (Edited 2618d ago )

So PC payed them to make it exclusive? Screw these people, I want my Wii version!!

Edit: Can I run this on a Pentium 2 226MHz and 32MB of built in Graphics memory? seriously guys I need to know, and if I can, should I be able to output it on 1080p res.? game look interesting!

CoLD FiRE2617d ago

@Organization XII It's like asking if consoles could run Half Life 2 on 1080p with 4xAA :\

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pr0digyZA2617d ago

@ Ice2ms
I would say timed exclusive is when the developers know they are making the port or are already half way through or more in developing it and are just waiting for the rights to end. Where as this is still up in the air, and no one has paid them to keep it on the PC so its their choice. Just look at the first witcher which did not end up getting the cross over, anything can happen.

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