Black Ops (PC Version): Patch 1.07 and First Strike are Live, 21 Tweaks

Treyarch's Community Manager just tweeted about a major update to the PC version of Black Ops.

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arjman2454d ago

Or they could make First Strike free for all the trouble they caused to the PC gamers

Criminal2454d ago

Maybe at least a 50% discount.

mauleriscool2454d ago

one of their devs said it was going to be free on twitter but activision said otherwise.

Ducky2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

No Mod tools?

223.8mb of disappointment. =(

chak_2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

you really hoped, didn't you?

Those people are liers, blatant liers !

HSx92454d ago

There wont be any mod tools until all of the map packs are released. Why? Activision want's to make their money before they give you the mod tools because they know if they give them early no one for PC will want to buy the Map packs, or they will just recreate them, they are the greediest company on the face of this earth apart from SOny.

Dart892454d ago

I'm no pc player but it seems activision is really messing with you guys i doubt from here on out cod will have mods cuz if they do implement them they will loose money for people not buying the map packs.

DJZed2454d ago

no doubt the game is fun despite its flaws. I'm not sure the maps are worth it though. Obviously Activision has no regard for their fan base -- a discounted DLC will never happen.

Ducky2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

You could've shaved $5 off the asking price by buying it from D2D but that's about it.

I'll just wait till the steam summer sale and hope they have a discounted DLC bundle.
If not, then meh, no real loss.

Criminal2453d ago

I thought Stream had one sale event (around boxing week). Thanks for pointing out the summer sale. :)

Johandevries2454d ago

Do they have turtles in their PC section ,or what?

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