IncGamers: Dead Island Preview

IncGamers: After the hype created by that trailer, it's finally time to see what Dead Island is really about. We slip into our swimming trunks, fake-tan ourselves to high heaven and ready up for the undead onslaught.

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The Dark Knight2497d ago

Pretty pumped for this, even if it has none of the mood the trailer had...who isn't up for bashing some zombie brain's in?

shaun mcwayne2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

you might also want to check out this.


looks early in development, but it sounds like the zombie game we have all been waiting for.

thats if dead island isnt what we expect!

The Dark Knight2497d ago

ahh yeah heard of this! can't wait!

MagicAccent2487d ago

Wow, never heard of Class3. Thanks for the link. Bubble for you :)

iamironman2496d ago

so it's an rpg? .....why?

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